April 09, 2009

Spirit of Easter

Easter is once again upon us this year
A time to be thankful and shed a happy tear
To savour what it is that unites us all
A time to laugh and have a ball

To be grateful of the wonderful world around
Not to be taken for granted as the world goes round
A time to remember he who sacrificed his life for ours
He who brought happiness to others for many hours

The rolling of the stone that gave us the chocolate egg a scrumptious treat
A symbol that he had risen again, that we need not retreat
Easter is the time for hope , peace and love
A time where we share that wondrous inner love

A time for thankfulness in our life
And to be grateful that we suffer little strife
Spread the word of the Easter story
And feel the spirit of Easter in full glory

Jennifer Don (c)

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