March 20, 2009

The Trinity Within

This one came about last night -Thursday March 19Th. Talking of ignoring thy spirit guide who grows more inpatient they more I make him/them wait. Was discussing something that they had shown to me and out of the blue comes .. The power of three in the trinity be working united for the greater demise nothing more but the good will rise. I knew exactly where this had come from after seeing it written down and I know why it was given to me but again he can wait.
So after leaving what he had said to me for the night I come to read it this morning then the poem just followed.

The Trinity Within

The power of three ,
In the trinity be ...
Working united for the greater demise ......
Nothing more but the good will rise

One will tend to the higher core and see to the above
Working with thyself setting limits within thy glove
Building the core and all else that deems right
Even working on through the long night

One will see to our lower paths and all else below
Making sure that we are aware and keeping us mellow
Tending to the needs of thy lower self indeed
Making us aware of our other levels so that we may proceed

One will see to the center core within the mundane
Teaching from the heart and sharing that wisdom again
Allowing the steady flow of new learning to sink in
Helping us all to find our central core within

Each to there own and but never apart
The teachings are separate but from us they don't part
But comes a time when they do unite
There teaching is no end not even at night

They work with us even when we don't see
Always teaching and helping for they share whats for thee
One 2 One teachings so that we may then grow
Inwards for thyself and spiritually we can row

Remembering that the power of three ,
Within thy self the trinity be
Working united for the greater demise
Nothing more but the good will rise

Jennifer Don (c)

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