August 27, 2010

Letter To Heaven

If I could write to you a letter,
And send it to your heavenly home,
It would make me feel much better,
Rather than whispering under my dome
To pen the thoughts I feel the most
To voice the words I long to say
Would they be received by your heavenly host
Would they make it all the way

If there was a way in which to write to you
I would write a letter every week
To tell you how much I miss you
And perhaps what I've had to eat
I dream of seeing you once more
Reaching out to hold your hand
But then I wake and pick myself up off the floor
Within those dreams I ask and hope to understand

Why there are no stairs leading to you
As I'd climb them all to see you again
To be able to sit with you a moment or two
To talk about all the warm memories that remain
Oh how I dream of seeing your warm face
That tender loving smile and bright eyes
Knowing that your now in your resting place
Causes me to ache as I look to the sky

No stairs stand before me reaching up to you to
No doors seen in which I can cross on through
And so it's with that hurdle I think of something to do
I start to write a letter addressed to heaven for you
Tie it to a balloon and send it up with love
All the while my face is wet with tears
Like a steady stream they fall as I gaze to the sky above
And for that small moment I feel your presence near

I know then that my letter did in fact reach you
For only you could cast that sweet smell so known to me
I think then of what you would ask me to do
As I know that you are pain free
Slowly still those tears do fall upon my face
As my memories of you remain strong
And within my letter sent to your heavenly place
I wrote a verse from your favourite song

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

Dedicated to those I've loved and lost so dear.. more so to my Aunt Irene who passed to the summer lands on Wednesday 25th of August 2010. To think it's only been 2 years, a month and six days since we lost your dad (Grampa) and a year and 5 days since your mum passed (Nana)and now you in only a short space of time has left us all bewildered and shocked. To think that it was an infection and not what you were about to face up to and fight. :(

August 25, 2010

Silent Hunter

Those eyes, watching,
Staring out slowly blinking,
Cold and hard like steel in the night,
Deep hazel under the fading moonlight,

So focused, obviously searching,
Gazing out still slowly blinking
A sudden flash of light,
Those eye's now out of sight,

A shrilled cry echo's through the sky,
A flutter of birds reaching high,
A crack of thunder rings loud and clear,
Another crack as it draws in near,

Another flash of light and then all is still,
Then those eyes reappear seemingly had there fill.
No longer cold and hard, nor focused and slow.
Alert and sharp, warm watching where they may go.

For there he was proud in all his might,
The silent hunter within the night,
Awaiting the display to make his kill,
A task he did master with superior skill.

For he knew the smell upon the air,
And so for dinner he had a small bear,
Once eaten, full with delight,
Silent hunter fades into the night.

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

August 20, 2010

Here I Am

I came when I heard you calling,
I heard you crying,
I came as fast as I could,
If I could hold you I would,
If could wipe the tears that are falling,
Hold you close when you are crying,
I would,
Believe me I would,
Because here I am,
Here I am,

If only I could take your hand,
With a hope that you may understand,
But you can't feel me,
And you can't see me,
I tried believe me I tried,
But here I am, by your side,
If only you could hear what I say,
I might be gone, but not far away
Because here I am
Here I am

Those tears keep coming
Slowly falling
And all I can do
Is sit here with you
Right by your side tonight
Watching those tears fall in the light
If I could hold you like before I would
You know I would if only I could
Because here I am
Here I am

Jennifer Don (c) 2010
Align Centre


Like a waterfall washing over your face,
In a tender moment, in a tender place,
The rain is falling, pouring hope on you.
Giving you a reason to do what you do

Like a flicker in your eye,
Like a signal up on high,
The fire is alive inside,
So whatever you do don't hide,

Like a storm upon the ocean,
Ever growing in commotion,
In and out as it is flowing,
Can you see where this is going.

Like a river flowing slow,
Steady running as it goes,
One day fast the next slow.
Is this how you intend to go

Like the tree standing strong
Or the wolves heartfelt song
Can you see how it's connected
When all life is being respected

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

Night Story

Imaginations run as stories are told,
Some so new while others old.
Spoken to a child at night,
All the while turning down the light.

Speak of a sword and they may see.
A warrior standing buy the rocky sea.
Tell of a dragon scowering the land,
And place a shield in the warriors hand.

So within the mind of the child the story does unfold,
Adding to it themselves as the story is told,
Adding magic to the tales in the night.
And before you know it they are asleep and snuggled tight.

Deep in slumber so full of peace.
Safe in a world where magic dares not cease,
And so we leave them there and turn out the light,
Silently stepping out whispering goodnight

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

August 18, 2010

Guardian Angel

I felt the urge to call out and ask " who are you?"
To that man stood by the doorway in the night.
I wanted to ask him " what is it that you do?"
Unable to take my eyes from him under the street light.

Somehow within I knew he wasn't like you or I.
I could see the smile growing upon his tender face.
For a moment I was compelled to look to the sky.
Somehow knowing within of who he is.

Unable to place the connection.
Unable to speak these words to him.
Unable to take my eyes from him in fascination.
Knowing only within that somehow I've met him before.

Slowly he approached outstretching his hand.
Still I could not take my eyes from him.
A knowing within that I could not yet understand.
And then he spoke to clear the air.

"You know who or what I am but cannot speak it can you?"
How could he know what I was thinking there in the dead of night
"You already know the answer to your question of what I do"
Stunned I felt compelled to ask "but how...?"

He spoke once more " I have always been around you"
"With you always guiding you, helping you, watching you grow"
"Watching you do those little things that you feel compelled to do"
"And yet even after these words you fail somehow to find the answer"

"Do you still fell compelled to know my name and what I do?"
"For if you still want these answers I can tell you"
"I come from a place where hope and dreams really do come true"
"I have been near your side always, I'm the one you've called out to"

"I do not hide who I am, but my true form may be too much for you"
"I have seen more than you would care to know"
"If you still feel a need to know, I am your Guardian Angel it's true"
Over come by feelings of such warmth, how could I not know this

How could I not know or speak the words I had inside me
He spoke again "Do not feel bad for It does not matter"
"Under the surface we are the same and perhaps one day you'll see"
"We have been through so much you and I"

"Your life has been hectic and so this glazed your eye"
"And now you know the answer to the questions in your mind"
"I am here always for you even when you cast your thoughts up high"
I stood there pondering his words as he said "It never will be goodbye"

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

August 16, 2010

Two Faiths

Two Faiths

Is it so wrong to feel so mixed as I do,
Devout to my faith of that I'm true,
And yet so pulled by another road.
A path so unknown that my heart does bode.

I still pray to you lord above,
Saying my prayers and sending my love,
Carrying the rosary each and every day.
But can I not walk the road and do it my way.

Why is this such a hard situation I can't leave behind,
Hundreds of thousands of questions wrap around my mind.
What will others think if they knew what I do.
Will they see my love and faith is still strong with you.

Will they shun me and cast me aside.
I'm so confused by the road I abide.
Dare I reveal my passion and interest
I know he's a druid but my heart won't rest

I long to be taught what he knows inside
I know he feels the same, a strange urging he can't hide
Surprising as it is, we are connected him and I
Watched over by the angels in the sky

We've crossed paths before, Him and I
Always feeling that pull catching each others eye
What will others think of this pure connection
No longer can we keep passing at the intersection.

Jennifer Don (C) 2010

A friend of mine requested a poem - a short poem about a catholic girl that feels a strong connection to a druid, she is feeling a strong spiritual connection, in dreams a pull, towards him. he is feeling the same way but in a masculine sense, wanting to help her teach her, his intuition is strong he is surprised to feel a pull towards a catholic. coincidences keep happening between them. like the angels, god, holy spirit is working.

I don't feel that what I've written quite matches what she had hoped for. Being neither Catholic or a Druid I was going in blind to this one. I knew it was going to be hard and wasn't worrying over it just letting things come and go as they do.

August 10, 2010


Alert eyes alive in the night.
A soul so bright of golden light,
No feathers found upon such a heavenly gift,
Although on the ground they are found when need of a lift,

Padded paws pacing over the land,
If only people can look and really understand...
My trusted shadow, undying love,
Strength within and guidance above.

I long to walk the path as you do,
To roam the lands side by side with you.
Running through the forest jumping over fallen trees.
Sitting upon the mountain top our song carried in the breeze.

Loyal and wise is what I truly see.
Knowing always your spirit be free
Where the truth of truth resides in your eye
Where in the night you raise your head high

If I could be such as you are
I could roam the land and travel far
To sing with great passing that burns within
To feel so alive every time we sing

Jennifer Don 2010

August 05, 2010


A lifetime passing with little regrets,
I could count them before I forget.
The one I regret the most.
Is how I never told you I loved you the most.
Is how I never gave you more attention,
If only I could pay you some sort of compensation.

I feel now that I'm to late,
To face the regrets upon my plate.
The fast turning tide has come to wash them away.
To clear the pain from regrets this very day
I regret how little I often held your hand
I regret now how little then I did understand

If I could go back and change those things I would
It's saddens me that I can't but If I could
I would tell you ever day how much I love you
I would mean every word because It would be true
I would give you more of my undivided attention
Helping you through each and every situation

Time however will not bend so that I make amends
I guess now it's something I have to comprehend
Oh how I regret the mistakes in life each turning night,
How I long for the warm mornings sunlight
I regret the little time we actually spent together
Under the setting sun each night gazing at each other

Those are the things I regret within my heart.
Those moments together did we truly start
If only I had been brave enough to say I love you
If only I had a second chance to spend my time with you
Please my love forgive me for my wrongs
And let me make it up to you with a tender song

Jennifer Don 2010

I had written this for a poetry competition that's just for fun.. Not that I'm expecting anything from it, but it's good to face new challenges and throw curve balls. The competition is a monthly thing and has themes. As you may of noticed the poem is about regret... that being the theme on show. I found it somewhat difficult having none to little regrets myself at this stage



I need a hand that comes from you.
As you give me Joy in hopeful bursts.
You give me the light so can I see in the dark.
So that I can find my way back home.

I need you like a whisper in the wind,
Like a flowing river steam,
Like the peace that echos deep inside.
Like the warmth within my dreams

You are the shadows, you are the light,
You are the echos in the night,
You are the voices upon my thoughts,
You are the comfort of the beating heart

I need the hand that comes from you
Not all the time but you know when
For you pick me up when I am down
You shine your smile for me

You are the grace that lifts the soul
You are the hope in all the light
I need you like a friend in my life
Like a growing tree so wild

Jennifer Don 2010

Need A Song

Need A Song

I need a song to raise the Earth,
To sing with the tender heart,
I need a song that can call to the moon.
That can light up sky above..
I need a little time, only a little time,
In which to find the words to say.
I need a moment now only a moment now.
To see what the heart does see.

I need a song to calm the seas,
To clear the air a tender breeze,
I need a song that can call to you,
A voice in side knows what to do,
I need a little time, only a little time,
In which to find the words to say.
I need a moment now only a moment now.
To see what the heart does see.

I need a song to make the rose grow,
To fill up the land with love,
I need a song to put stars in your eyes,
To make them shine so bright
I need a little time, only a little time,
In which to find the words to say.
I need a moment now only a moment now.
To see what the heart does see.

I need a song, to chase the fear,
One that's loud and clear,
I need a song to lift the soul,
To carry with pride across the land
I need a little time, only a little time,
In which to find the words to say.
I need a moment now only a moment now.
To see what the heart does see.

I need a song that can flow so free
Sharing the words with you and me
I need a song that connects us all
That lights the fires within
I need a little time, only a little time,
In which to find the words to say.
I need a moment now only a moment now.
To see what the heart does see.

Jennifer Don 2010

August 01, 2010


Gone is the rain that filled the cloudy sky,
Gone are the clouds from way up high,
Silent now is the blowing wind tonight.
Gentle do the stars shine so bright.

Gone is the past for it wants to stay.
Gone is your touch that I miss today.
Here is the memories I hold so tight.
The words you spoke of, flowing this very night.

Here is the photo to remind me of you.
Its here in this moment I light a candle for you.
Gone are the tears that slowly fell.
Gone is the worry, I did dispel.

Gone you are not, not from my heart.
I won't let those memories depart.
Gone is your touch but not your love.
I can feel it shine down from above.

Gone are the moments I wish I could hold.
Here is your scent gentle but bold.
Gone are the chances of days spent with you,
But I'm always thinking of you and what you did do

Jennifer Don 2010



As all the thoughts come rushing in
I can't be who others wish me to be
They tell me I'm in denial but I'm not giving in
They can do as they please and I'll be me

It's not me in denial but them if they can see
As I have no chains that smother me in any way
I'm not a follower of the crowd I am me and I am free
If only they could see their denial today

It would make things so much easier on us all
I won't have to hate the person I am because they do
I won't have to fight and shed the tears or stall
It's them in denial not me and that is true

Jennifer Don 2010 --- 7th July



How do I control my mind and save itself from such mutilation.
Where I become so cut up about the growing lack of concentration
Surely such mutilation could come in handy one day
Where I can then cut the words and file them away

Alas the dawn is coming and soon the light will shine
Will my mutilated mind revert back or shall I now resign
So when I turn the TV on what is there now to see
Mutilation of the land that once was ever Free

Dis-heartening to see such madness claim the hand of man
To mutilate the body of earth and treat it like a trash can
Oh how I wonder such things that tarnish my one controlled being
The mutilation of my thoughts every growing without seeing

Jennifer Don - 2010 ... 7th of July