August 27, 2009

In Loving Memory

This poem was written in the memory of my late nana who passed away to the world of spirit to be with her late husband again on the 20th of August 2009. It was written to be read out at her funeral in which my Dad read out. (((((Nana))))) Loving you always and missing you more may you now fly with grampa away from all pain and suffering as you are now free. Rest In Peace xxx

In Loving Memory

As words from thoughts flow through the caverns of the mind
They mix with strange feelings and emotions of every kind
As we remember your life with the memories in our hearts
We hold them with pride for they will never part

And as you walk through the vally wrapped in love
You are free of pain and suffering, and as graceful as the dove
And now to you a rose so sweet in tender loving red
Showered in droplets of morning dew and tears that we shed

Reunited with your one true love and friend
Eternally together forever with love that shall not end
May you now rest in peace in heavens abode
Where our candles will guide your road

Missing you always but we will never forget you
Your memory will live on for we all love you
You were to us our family and friend
And memories of you will never end

Jennifer Don (c)2009

August 10, 2009

Through the Days

Through the shadow into light
The sun has chased away the night,
Morning comes but with warm delight
Setting your soul inside alight

Full of passion and desire
Growing more from that inner fire
The burning strength within the soul
Coming to help achive the goal

Through all walks of life and learning
We all share a common yearning
To trust in ourselves and offer out love
To share the peace within, much like the dove

No matter how far we may tread
We ask for faith and never for dread
No room for fear but it wont go
Not even after the river flow

As we march on through the days
We look to things in different ways
Looking for answers and seeking our truth
We often fail to see our inner truth

But still we shine as day turns to night
We recharge ourselves within the moonlight
Ready to carry on the very next day
Ready to follow our path on our way

Jennifer Don (c)

August 04, 2009

Free Mind

There's a beating drum
Upon the path I turn
To guide my way
On this new day

There's a Butterfly
Flying in the sky
Darting to and frow
Showing we all grow

There's a bluebell over there
Showing peace is in the air
Fill your heart with glee
Let your spirit be free

There's an angel with me
She says to let things be
Happy days are here
There is nothing to fear

Jennifer Don (c)

Beautiful Day

There's a great big beautiful tomorrow
There's a great big beautiful today
No matter if the sun shines through your window
Or if its raining outside this day

For the magic or miracles remain
Tender life full of happiness and love
Everyone has everything to gain
Watch the sign of peace, such a beautiful dove.

For tomorrow's another day
Yesterday has gone so leave it rest
Let's follow the sun shine on our way
Keeping heads high doing our best

Positivity is the key
Love and laughter all around
There's enough for you and me
But let's keep our feet on the ground

So follow the flow,
I can see magic in your eyes
As your watching the shore
Theres a rainbow in the sky

Jennifer Don (c)

Guardian of thy door

The guardian of thy door thy safe keeper
Lay in rest and watched as i doth go nearer
Silent did thou keeper stay
Watching as I walked my way

Never moving ever restful in that watchful place
Knowing thy guardian of thy door's gentle face
The loving connection that doth surround
The joy in life one of many in man's playground

The guardian of thy door thy safe keeper
Watches over me all through day as night draws nearer
My humble shadow follows where ever I go
Even to the riverside watching the river flow

The guardian of thy door my safe keeper
Trusted friend and playful silent seer
Lives in comfort and knows thy place in land
Forever next to me and my patting hand

Jennifer Don(c)

Poem is actually written about my beautiful dog who was laid against the door tonight as she does most nights knowing where everyone is within the house before laying her head down to rest in comfort lol

Diamond in the Sky

Diamond in the Sky

Your the diamond in the sky
The brightest star from way up high
Your the rose within our hearts
Your friendship never parts

Your a growing inspiration
Full of fun and asperation
Your the leader of a gang
Geo Clooney is your man

Your a busy little bee
Full of fun and harmony
Sending emails by the tonn
Your friendship's always number 1

You like the rooms to move along
Just remember your never alone
Your a diamond in the sky
A shining star within our eye

Jennifer Don(c)