May 12, 2009

Wolf's Bane

With an ostentatious glint appearing within his eye,
A longing, a passion for that run way up high,
Ready to stand and defend if needs be,
Ready to turn and run, to even chase thee

There be no cowardice blood within his veins of emotion
Mere reflex to save what he loves with devotion
Determination of survival instincts encompassing the lands of his home
He carries onwards forever happy and free to roam

To run the gauntlets through the moonlit forest the wild of the night
Lighting the fire within his soul illuminating his shadow with the growing light
Occasionally stopping to take in the glorified call of his pack his song
A cry of placement and reassurance that his pack remains ever strong

Marking his territory amongst his pack he cries the eerie tune so effortlessly
Filling his space and the air with the song of the night so reassuringly
A warning to those who embark their path through his domain
For he his here and he will forever be with his pack he will remain

His lands he will defend until he can defend no more
He knows within one day that day will come but he won’t loose to a boar
Surrounded now his pack gather for their was another in his domain
A single call from off in the distance, a stranger in the forest of wolfs bane

A lone cry within the dead of night, the pack await a reply before determining action
No howl sounds back to the single soul now an outcast of redemption
Wolf bane's pack still on guard, slowly creeping towards the stranger of the night
Within a clearing the stranger quivers, a young female seeking a new life of light

Still the defensive pack surrounds her now watching closely for a sign she may turn
Fearing an ambush the pack stand alert with ears pricked ready to turn
He the alpha walks up to her so brazenly brave with no fear within his soul
He see's what’s within a treasure granted to those who know their goal

He can see she is alone he knows within she is the one who is to change his life
To spend the days and nights with and to bring her into the pack like his wife
The others they are weary, a stranger within the pack but the alpha stands with determination
They trust wolf's Bane with their life and know within he cares for all with admiration

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