June 17, 2009

Thoughts In Journey

Thoughts In Journey

Entranced with the fire burning within the passion of things to give.
The sound of resounding peace at rest within my soul tonight.
A thought stream trickling as a river with energy to give.
Searching only inwards for the fire burns so bright

A burst of energy renewed coming to life with great passion
A searching moment halted to acknowledge what's come about
A desire now calming to allow the flow of the star light procession
A moment now filled with smiles no space now for a dulling pout

Envigerating energy encompassing the surrounds of that vessel
A host of travel to lead from one journey to another
A passage we must all undertake even if we must whistle
Many lessons of new and old coming together to grow forever

With a mind clear of doubt filled with trust and compassion
A comforting soul has now found the purpose of there journey
Is such comfort and compassion now dying from life's fashion
Looking within we can see that we at times need others company

To help us all acheive our aims that we since let long ago in the past
Encouragement and support from others helps keep us on target
To give us strength through the days long may it last
So let's aid each other oneness in spirit never alone with no regret

Jennifer Don © 2009

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