April 28, 2010

Can You See Her

There's an angel, over my shoulder
Can you see her, she is older,
She is one, she is two and she is free,
She's a whisper in the wind,
She's a golden star in the sky,

She's a feather on the floor,
She's a knock upon the door,
Can you see her can you see,
She is there just listen to me,
Can you feel her cause she is there,

There's an angel at my window
Can you see her, she is mellow
She will whisper words in my ear
She will always leave a calling card
As she visits when I need her

She's a flower in my mind
She's of freedom with no earthly bind
Can you see her, shining bright
Casting all colours of the rainbow tonight
There's an angel with me now

Can you see her, can you see
Of such wonder and mystery
Can you feel her, with me now
Can you see her take a bow
See that angel over my shoulder

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

Contemplations Of A Day

Contemplates the day ahead,
Oh the joy's of work that make me rise up from bed.
To sit and ponder where the morning has gone,
With my mug of tea and by the way this isn't a song.

To sit and think what the day will hold,
The sun is gone the clouds are out is the summer sold.
The roads outside already rumble with the passing cars.
Oh how I wish it was night to watch the stars.

To be as free as the bird flying high
Instead I sit ready to head out and let the day pass by
To await what the world has in-store for me this day
With faith I hold my head high as I make my way

Out the door and down the stairs to meet world outside
To venture forward to a place my work does reside
To meet and greet all new faces about they're day
Shopping for the food they need upon this a cloudy day

To cater for the week that lies ahead
Shopping for the basics of milk and bread
Going away with a trolley load having spent too much
Worrying next perhaps what to have for lunch

Counting up how many dinners they did buy
Wondering if they have enough and so they sigh
And so the cycle continues day after day
Where we all need that food of life in every way

A glance to the clock say's it's time for home
And so I clock out and I'm now free to roam
Free for a day and then back again it's true
But each day differs and wouldn't be the same without you

Jennifer Don 2010

Pen To Paper

I've sat with pen to paper,
With thought's that waver,
For words to flow,
Weaving in and out as they go,

Watching the birds flying high,
Watching the cars pass on by,
Relaxing with the music that fill's my ears,
To have some thoughts ever so clear,

To glimpse the memories of old,
The ones I hold close like sacred gold.
Those tender moment's caught in time,
For me to cherish for they are mine,

And so once more I'm back in focus on my way,
A moment of stillness to hear the whispers of love today
To clear the mind of what may be
To see the world alive and ever so free

To feel the passion burning alive inside
To know that words should never be left to hide
To feed them to the world around
For others to feel and hear they're sweet sound

And so as I sit to ponder the flow
These words that are written found a place to go
Upon the pages in which we may on day turn
To have them in the open keeps my heart free to burn

Jennifer Don 2010

Will You

Would you come should I call
Will you answer with spoken word
Would you catch me if I should fall
Would you sing the soulful song

Would you show the signs when your around
Would you wave that old familiar smell
Can you give me some hint or sound
That you have come when I have called

Will I know you when you are here
Will I feel the warmth I long to feel
Will I be free from all the tears
I long to have just a moment in time

A moment with you just like the past
A moment to feel your loving touch
To hold the moment close and have it last
To say the words that I've waited to say

So will you come, If I dare call to you
Will you take my hand again, and make it all clear
And will you read the words that you used to
So that I may carry you for ever more within my heart

Jennifer Don 2010


To ride upon that white winged majestic wonder,
To be so low to touch the waves and rise to hear the thunder,
Upon the back of grace I hold the moment close inside,
Hearing the thunder bellow across the sky as I take this ride

To be above the tree's and see the world around
To hear the birds, so gentle is they're sweet sound.
To feel that breeze upon my wind swept face
As I fly upon this animal at such a gentle pace

An animal of myth but in my sight is true
To hold it's head high with pride to not be blue
The strength of such fine powerful wings
A softness does it's heart and soul sing

Such dignity and elegance it move's with ease
To grace the land and leave not a breeze
So soft are those feathers within those strong wings
So tender they are, as they surround me, my heart sings

So to ride upon this creature so mild and strong
Is a gift of love to treasure that will never be gone
To have this creature grace me with such a moment
One that I will cherish with such fine sentiment

Jennifer Don 2010

April 21, 2010

Will Tomorrow

The sun is shining outside that window,
But it's not so warm it's mellow,
Upon the back of a cloudy day,
Will tomorrow bring a warmer day ?

Will tomorrow see the sky's so blue ?
Where it's open and warm for me and you,
Where in the gardens we can rest,
Be free from work to be our best.

Where the wonders of the world rise that day,
Where the squirrel round the back can play.
Where the birds shall swoop from tree to tree,
Upon the back of a clear day so free.

Will tomorrow be the day we await ?
Where we can rest with no hallowed debate
To free our core from the chains around
To relax with the oceans pulsing sound

Will tomorrow see the change so long due ?
Where the sun shall shine to chase the blues
Where the earth is healed and your spirit to
Tomorrow will bring the hope to start anew.

Jennifer Don 2010

April 18, 2010

Those Wings

I'm carried along, with a strength so strong,
With a beat of the drum, my inner song,
That now for the very first time,
I see those wings as they shine,

Within that vibrant hue of golden light,
That warms the heart to such a delight.
Caring wings from one so old,
From freedom that teaches us to be bold

Where our growing spirit learns the fight,
That keeps our fire burning long into the night
As I'm carried along I learn how to pray,
To do thing's my way along the growing highway,

With those wings at my side,
Learning the lesson of nothing to hide
Carried through the shadows into a lighter place to be,
I feel the burdens lift as those wings set me free

To then see the light reflect to rainbows bright,
From those soft caring wings of such delight.
Where all pain is gone as the rain does fall
Where in it's place is strength, I pray I don't stall

As those wings I find come from angels all around
I know that love is never gone but always found
Peace fills the mind as I am guided this warm day
Knowing my travels are pure along the growing highway

And so as I'm carried with a strength so strong
I know that life will forever hum it's peaceful song
Through anything we can travel With our pride
That life is there to have fun and not to hide.

Jennifer Don. 2010

April 14, 2010

The Phoenix

Have you seen a bird so free,
One that should rise from the ashen ground to be,
Full of colour within my mind such a sight,
It leaves a trail of colour such a delight,
To rise and fall when time is called to rise once more,
From devastation when flames lash out and fade away
Knowing when the remains cool, It's ash shall be gray,
So silent has it fallen without the fire-bird song
Gone once more but not got long,

Give it a moment and life is reborn.
For eternity this sacred bird shall fly,
From the dawn of time it chose to rise soaring high
Co-existence within each life long cycle
Magic and mystery This the fire-bird shall be
A challenge to face the road again ever free
Over and over in the cycles with us it chooses to be
In our minds and always free above the lands to call
To sing it's song of revival for one and all

Jennifer Don 2010

April 07, 2010

Flames of Life

Flames of life and learning be
Found in love treasured free
Where arts of words come alive
Upon the pages do they jive

Where flames of learning grow so bright
To aid you on in yearn est of night
Where fear be shattered into tiny shards
Where stars light up each and every yard

Flames of fire alive in side us be
Spur us on for what will be will be
Shadows gone in place of light
For it grows with the fire so bright

No page left unturned this dawning day
Where your answers are found upon your way
Where not the river can diminish your flame of fire
Where not your fear over comes your trust and desire

Where peace alas may still elude our touch
Where we can say I love you very much
Where we can see with clarity so clear
Where trust in self and others defeat that fear

Where flames grow in speed as do you in strength
Where learning then comes in to support your strength
Where your courage shines like the bright stars of night
Where your passion still grows strong in your dazzling light

Flames of life grow deep within your core
They cover the land from shore to shore
They bring new life of that we need
New changes so that in us we may succeed

Jennifer Don (c) 2010