July 18, 2010

Profound Beauty

Tiny little dazzling drops of rain,
Sliding down upon the window frame.
Fragmenting light as it shines on through,
Casting rainbows all for you,

Slowly escaping from your gaze tonight.
As they hold the spectrum of light.
Beyond the droplets a windswept terrain.
Taking a pounding from the falling rain

Digging deep for the storm that is ahead
Are the trees so strong, with leaves so cherry red.
Swaying back and forth upon the blustering gale
Almost dancing with magic refusing to fail

Those creaking boughs sound like it's singing
Singing the songs of life once gone, and all that's beginning
Catching the rain upon the leaves, to drop them again
Dropping into rhythm like a tender pulsing vein

The wailing wind begins to fade away into the night
They slip away and clear the sky for the moonlight
As the clouds fade away, so too does the lashing rain
For the once tormented terrain to be quiet once again

Where all that remains are those droplets of rain
Now cascading down your window frame.
Distorting the images as you gaze on through
Catching the little rainbows destined just for you

Jennifer Don - 2010

July 16, 2010

Keep Going

When the world keeps turning,
You keep on keep on going.
When the light fades at night,
The stars come out so bright.

Heartbroken as you may be,
Take a moment so you can see.
That the life is growing,
All around you it's moving,

Lift your head high tonight,
Fill your heart with some delight,
Let your sorrow fade away,
Live in the moment of today,

Give yourself another chance
Don't let it be, a passing glance
Start a fresh, this very night,
Under the stars and moonlight

Be strong for what has gone
Let it fade and be replaced by your song
Let your inner fire burn bright
Keep your spirits high from this night

Jennifer Don 2010

The Forgotten Land

To the forgotten places and age old races,
Long gone memories and tender faces.
To rooms no longer left to stand,
In places of the forgotten land.

Where age old stories lay to the side.
Where wisdom find's a place to hide.
Recall to us the stories of old.
Bring back memories of what we were told.

Connect us once more with those we love
To fill the gaps of what we think of.
Long gone from our minds into the void
And forgotten places we try to avoid

Rekindle the desire to learn from old
Where passions grow from the story told
United us with the names to the faces
And remind us of those forgotten places

The white sands that shimmer under the sun
Where we would visit with a loved one
To sit under the sun on the banks of grass
Nothing now can ever surpass

As those forgotten places come alive once more
And names come to those faces I adore
No longer are they forgotten away
I have remembered this very day

Jennifer Don 2010

Kinship Of Man

To hold a rose within your hand.
To see the beauty and understand.
The kinship of man is not alone
Neither is the dog chewing the bone

As the currents flow from the oceans waves
And the wind blows through the darkened caves
As the rain falls heavy and fast
We are awakened to so much contrast

The deepened shades of red from the rose
To the tormented screams of wind as it blows
To feel the warmth as our hands are held
To go in directions we are compelled

The kinship of man and life united as one.
As all life rises under the morning sun
As the winds die down to a gentle breeze
To lift barley a rustle through the trees

Jennifer Don - 2010

Stolen Joy

When you came into the world of being
When you starting living and breathing
You filled my heart with so much joy
My love for you I did deploy

Then one day from us you were gone
There were no words to fill a song
And on that day I really did tare in two
I searched every square mile I could in search for you

Over hills near and far with hope in my hand
Searching for answers praying to understand
Why you were taken and sent to heaven
At the tender age of only seven

I shouldn't be the one standing at your grave
I shouldn't be the one trying to be brave
If only I could hold you in arms my darling child
To smell your hair, your scent so mild

If I could trade my place for yours today
I would so that you may live and play
I would do it, if I could see your little smile
If it was possible it would be so worthwhile

I cannot say how much pain I feel today
That they came and took you away
My innocent child with bright blue eyes
I see you always even when I cry

Jennifer Don 2010

July 12, 2010

Weaving Words

I've come to find and treasure my place of "peace" within.
Where comfort is brought and words rise from deep within.
Flowing upwards like the water from a Fountain
Even if I stand upon the highest Mountain,

If I close my eyes for a moment in the day.
This place does take all the walls away.
Where words are smoother as I long for them to be.
Weaving, flowing singing as they weave there way to me

I come to a place of constant tranquility awaiting me.
Where passion can flow as they should be.
Watching the flames of the tender fires burning with delight.
At the growing cause for such warm and delicate insight.

Flickering flames granting the words that I may write
To patch them together long into the fading light
Beyond the changing light into the star cast night
The longing call for those words remain tenderly insight.

Awaiting the structure that brings peace to a sorrowful heart
That brings meaning for someone like a piece of art
To bring hope after torment and Strength to carry on
Such words bring them power to awaken after dawn

And so I treasure the peace of reflection that aids my soul
A release for one and all instead of loosing control
Where I can sit upon the mountain or tender words
Weaving there way towards me like a flock of birds.

Jennifer Don - 2010

July 11, 2010

The Shift

Within the great circle of friendship, the energy growing
The fire before us ever dancing vividly burning
As he reached to his pouch and threw spice on the flames
It did dance to show us the great plains

The lands of old and what is now new
To show us the change and why the land is so few
The circle continues to grow with more coming forth
They've heard the calling, coming in from the North

Witnessed the signs as they come from the South
Coming in from East by the word of mouth
And in from the West bound in trust
All feeling that there travel now was a must

United for reasons beyond understanding
Gathered now before the fire ever burning
As the story's are told and the songs are sung
Of how the great wars were lost and won

Four corners united in understanding of change
Readily awaiting the shift and energy exchange
Bringing forth the elements of Mother Earth
Eagerly awaiting for the dawning of spiritual rebirth

Rekindling the connections of family's of old
Fearing nothing as they stay strong and bold
Raising the energy through those upbeat songs and prayers
Overcome by all the emotion releasing the welcome tears

Jennifer Don - 2010

July 09, 2010

Salt anyone ?

Take us with a grain of salt or so we say
Add some pepper for some spice and so we play
As words are magic our thoughts are to
You are important and that is true.

A writer.. A singer..Including you
Are all important so please don't stew
Come and share your thoughts far and wide
Spread them out and please don't hide.

Let's throw them in the cooking pot and see the magic flow
Stir them round and around and watch them as they go
Whether you write for passion or write to ease your heart
The friends in which you gather truly will not part

And so we sit and party here
Our words shall flow without fear
Take us with a grain of salt
Add some pepper into the vault

Jennifer Don - 2010

I'm Not Sorry

I'm not sorry for loving you,
For being there to hold your hand
My words to you are true.
Will you take the moment to understand

I'm not sorry for standing with you
For being there as your fighting to hold on
Supporting you through all that you do
Being there as the sun does rise at dawn

I'm not sorry for being your friend
For being there as you shed those tears
I'll be there with you right to the end
To help you eradicate all your fears

I'm not sorry that I made you smile
As we spent those moments together
That there are times we did laugh a while
So I'll hold you close when I remember

I'm not sorry for sharing my time with you
As you were my angel my darling little rose
How could I ever spend a moment without you
What will I do now when it's time to let go

Thank you for being my little angel
My precious little light from up above
It's time now for you to be a true angel
And as you go, please take all my love

Jennifer Don - 2010

July 07, 2010

If You Were An Animal

If you were an animal what would you be
I think I'd be a Wolf so wise and free
Within the tree's my home and pack will stay
Where I am safe upon any dawning day.

Or I think it'd be a hawk to fly up high
To see the land and all it's glory from the sky
To spread my wings as freedom takes hold
To perch my talons on the tree's to stand bold

Or maybe I'd be a ferocious Tiger
A Tiger I said and not a Liger.
With brilliant orange and black on my back
I'd be safe in the bushes with courage i wont lack

Or I'd be the frolicking horse upon the land
Where I am wild and untamed by any hand
To enjoy the day with the wind on my back
Where I can run fast without looking back

If you where an animal which would you be
Would you care to share.. I long to see
A wolf is my course of that I can't change
We are united in spirit upon this day and age

Jennifer Don 2010

Wolf Spirit Within

Can you see the spirit within me.
Remains the wolf boding and free.
To weave through the wonders at night.
To lead me on my path no need for light.

My strength it comes when the call is sounded.
A calling to know that we are trusted.
Can you see through the eye's of mine
The wolf spirit within that won't resign.

I am no animal of that you see.
I am your kith and kin..
I am me. I follow where I feel the calling.
Where ever he guides without stalling.

Through the tree's and by the stream.
To a clearing free and green.
Where spirit of wolf comes before me.
Teaching me, Leading me asking nothing of me.

For within my mind I hear the calling again.
We.. our spirits..are one and so shall remain.
Do not fear the hidden for I will stand with you.
I am your eye's and ears in all that you do.

Jennifer Don 2010

July 06, 2010

Trapped No More

Springing forth from the vortex.
Once trapped within a cortex.
Springs life and astounding light.
Blindingly beautiful such a mesmerizing sight.

Bounding off each ragged surface.
Light flickers from place to place.
To dance with passion all over again.
Re-igniting the fire within the veins.

Burning chasms pulsing straight to the core.
To drive the soul up from the floor.
No longer trapped within the darkness.
Alive and ready to reach the surface.

To rise from such a dark cauldron with no end in sight.
To stand an see a flowing river of amazing coloured light.
No longer spinning within vortex of confusion
Now released and weaving a new infusion

Jennifer Don 2010

July 04, 2010

If Only

If I called your name would you come to me,
If I sung your song would you listen for me.
If I held your hand would you acknowledge me,
If I was with you now would you see me.

If I left you a rose would you understand me
If I left a photo of us would you think of me
If I could be there with you to see you free
Would you shed a tear for all you can see

If I could hold you in my arms I would
If I could say how much you mean to me I would
If I could send what I had intended I would
If I could only have that moment with you I would

If I didn't have to leave so soon I'd be with you I would,
If I could come back for you I would,
If I had only said the things that matters I would,
If I only had that chance with you I would

If only I could hold your hand I would
If only I could say I love you dear I would
If only for a moment I could stand beside you I would
If only I can take those tears from you I would

If only I was given a Second chance would you forgive me
If only I stayed with you would you stay with me
If only in the moment I listened to you, please forgive me
If only you knew how much you have always meant to me

If only....

Jennifer Don 2010

No Angel

I may not have wings in which to fly.
And scarcely have a halo to shine.
I am no angel but please don't sigh.
I have no song in which to sing.

For all that I am not, don't hold me to.
I would give a shoulder when you need to cry.
Ask a question and I'll try and answer you.
I have no shadow in which you see but I'll say hi.

I am further than you can see.
Closer than you may understand
I am there with you when you are free.
And with you when you need a guiding hand

I may not be the one you seek
Or the one you truly need
But I will hold you when you are week
And guide you so you may succeed.

I shall be there when you look to stars
And upon the wisp of wind to touch your face
I will aid you as you heal from all your scars
To help you as you win your race.

I am here for you and always will be
Your guide, your love your ever shining light
Where your strength can then rise to be free
As I stand with you all through the night.

Jennifer Don 2010