November 07, 2009

As I Wake

As I wake up in the morning
As all shadows start to fade
As the new day is now dawning
I listen to the music being played

My nights of dreaming of you
Fade so fast from my memory
As sunlight bounces of the morning dew
Last nights dream is now history

The dream is gone much like you
But memories of you in my heart do stay
Filled again with the feelings I once knew
Happy times are now back to stay

The tears, they do remain
But the memories of you are strong
They may fall like droplet's of rain
But you will always live on

In our memory and our hearts
That bond can never be broken
The love that was shared will never part
It remains a tender token

I know your here with me
I can tell, I hear your song
I know your happy and your free
You are where you belong

We remain connected always within
In more ways than just one, it's true
I know you will guide me so I wont give in
You'll be there in all I go through

Jennifer Don (c)

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