November 18, 2009


A fire ravages within my ether soul
Contorting what I've known to distant mere memories
Anger grows with seeing revenge a goal
But then to seek revenge wont that cause more rift than harmonies

Growing now with passion burning scarlet red within
Burdens and past taking its grasp tortured for one deed
Redness fills the sky is this my injustice that deepens within
Can I find the courage to proceed and follow every need

The lusting greed when anger rises
Spreading about like power ruling the mind
Uncovering a core supply of many hidden surprises
To beseech thee in power equal to that of strongest wind

Jennifer Don (c)

This was written months ago but was never finished and looking over it now, it's better left the way it is, for any attempt to change it removes the thought and what ever purpose there was behind it which I cant remember now as to what that was, or as to why I had written what I did but there you that's contortions for you


What have I lost and what have I found
Carrying on with the growing sound
Flowing the beat right up the street
If I need a break i'll take a seat

If you need a moment come to me
Come on let your spirit be free
Reach the sky and aim so high
Lighten the mood release that sigh

I shed all my worries through the night
Lightened my load without a fight
Lost in the darkness no not me
Shed all my worries now im free

What I did find it's all around
Instead of being lost I am found
Surrounding me is the love that's here
It's taking away the shadow and fear

So come on now let's have some fun
Together we can get things done
Come along and have a talk
Better still let's go for a walk

Jennifer Don (c)

November 15, 2009


Who would think time would fly so fast
Before we know it's all in the past
But some things will always remain
Simple memories arise again

What's gone we can't undo
In the now we can carry on through
On to tomorrow a new day awaits
Oh how we love these earthly rates

For mother earth and the turning tide
She creates the caves and places to hide
The flowing energy of the steady water
Where some can watch the playful otter

When Father sky decides the weather
Through rain or shine we can stand together
When the birds they fly so high
With the freedom we long for so we just sigh

In the clear of night the stars will shine
A guidance to what's yours and then what's mine
Under the stars while in the dark the night so still
The light is clear and our thoughts go where they will

Where memories come to life like a dancing flame
When we are told to shed the self created blame
Where all doubts are cast aside to make way
For room for light and positives this day

So what has gone before you is now behind you
So aim to look forward in all you do
Respect yourself and what's in your surround
For there's more to life that what's seen around

For Mother Earth is past, Future and ever present
Father Sky is much the same always omnipresent
Time, yes it's fast but don't wish it away
Take the step one at a time and enjoy today

Copyright © 2009 Jennifer Don.

November 11, 2009


Guided by the Harmony
Guided by the love in me
Following along to that soulful song
Fast or slow, It's never too long

Twisting and turning along the road I go
Like following a river watching it flow
Steady steps with that song in heart
Guided by things that wont ever part

Gazing up at the starlings in the Sky
Wondering what it's like to be free so high
Watching all the critters as the day moves on
Watching all go by until my thoughts are gone

Guided in so many ways
Never giving up through the days
Loving life for what it may offer
The magic and mystery rooted from a mother

As the sun now set's in the west
It's time now to get some rest
Wrapped in the comfort of knowing
Love is bound and ever growing

Jennifer Don (c)

November 07, 2009

As I Wake

As I wake up in the morning
As all shadows start to fade
As the new day is now dawning
I listen to the music being played

My nights of dreaming of you
Fade so fast from my memory
As sunlight bounces of the morning dew
Last nights dream is now history

The dream is gone much like you
But memories of you in my heart do stay
Filled again with the feelings I once knew
Happy times are now back to stay

The tears, they do remain
But the memories of you are strong
They may fall like droplet's of rain
But you will always live on

In our memory and our hearts
That bond can never be broken
The love that was shared will never part
It remains a tender token

I know your here with me
I can tell, I hear your song
I know your happy and your free
You are where you belong

We remain connected always within
In more ways than just one, it's true
I know you will guide me so I wont give in
You'll be there in all I go through

Jennifer Don (c)