October 22, 2009

Swirling Confusion

Trapped within a vortex of thoughts
Spinning ideas mixed with emotions of all sorts
Further within there is a place where I wont go
Where there is things I hide you wont want to know

Into the darkness of the abyss is were they stay
Left to stay forgotten about untill another day,
Swirling in thoughs weaving through them all
Sometimes then I hit a brick wall

To stumble a little then regain my place
Moving around and setting another pace.
Finding a new direction there to take
Seeking answers I may have to pause for a break

To listen to the wind or the call of nature
To read the sounds not worry about my future
Within the confusion why isnt there more time
Grant me space while I pray for things to be fine

Jennifer Don (c)

Not sure where this one came from, again it might have been something that I was picking up from a friend for I know that its not me to feel this way and It wasnt how I felt when I was writing.

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