October 07, 2009


I question the mind of thyself
In thoughts thou seek the answers
Where eyes can not truly see
Into the depths of the soul I search
I delve so deep in search of answers

To find the things I seek
To feel the things I need
To trust in thy heart
To feel in thy soul
One must know one's self

Inside and out in all the parts
To understand every inch of this vessel
I must uncover every rock in sight
Into the beyond of the soul inside
I reveal the light of power indeed

Self empowerment, releasing the fears
Letting go of those useless things
To grant room to move on and up
I'll walk with the pride I have
With the strength I have found

With the lessons then taught
Through wonderful friends in life
I stand where others have fallen
I aid where others in need
I'll find strength inside from the rose alight

In the sun from morning untill night
Through passion of mind
And courage of heart
All things are possible
So don't fear the hidden parts.

Jennifer Don (c)

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