June 17, 2009

Dancing Wolf

Dancing Wolf

Upon the stirdy branch of the loney tree
Resides the Hawk glaring over what she can see
For over the land not to far ahead
Lays a silent wolf with one paw on his head

Shading those wise eyes from the setting sun
The wolf resides in his peaceful slumber in the sun
There is a howl way off in the distance
The wolf rises in almost an instance

He answers the call of the wild
The song of his heart ever so mild
Now filled with growing joy he prances
Prancing with more joy he now dances

Twising turning all around
Jumping up and going to ground
He wimpers and whines and shakes his tail
As if he awaits for kin to join his trail

Still he dances in the dying sunlight
Now with more bounce as the moon rises tonight
That cry of before again it travels now more clear
He becomes more enthusiastic as travels ever so near

Dancing with the love in his heart
Dancing with the joy that will never part
Danging with passion and pride
Ignited within his soul never taken for a ride

Jennifer Don (c) 2009

Thoughts In Journey

Thoughts In Journey

Entranced with the fire burning within the passion of things to give.
The sound of resounding peace at rest within my soul tonight.
A thought stream trickling as a river with energy to give.
Searching only inwards for the fire burns so bright

A burst of energy renewed coming to life with great passion
A searching moment halted to acknowledge what's come about
A desire now calming to allow the flow of the star light procession
A moment now filled with smiles no space now for a dulling pout

Envigerating energy encompassing the surrounds of that vessel
A host of travel to lead from one journey to another
A passage we must all undertake even if we must whistle
Many lessons of new and old coming together to grow forever

With a mind clear of doubt filled with trust and compassion
A comforting soul has now found the purpose of there journey
Is such comfort and compassion now dying from life's fashion
Looking within we can see that we at times need others company

To help us all acheive our aims that we since let long ago in the past
Encouragement and support from others helps keep us on target
To give us strength through the days long may it last
So let's aid each other oneness in spirit never alone with no regret

Jennifer Don © 2009

Love Remains

This poem came from a request from a very special lady In Mediumystics . She had emailed me asking If I would right a poem for her daughter whom as you all know is greiving at this moment. So I couldnt turn her down and I ended up with this.

Love Remains

There's that same familiar smell again
A gentle stroke through my hair
A whisper in my ear saying I love you
A tender touch upon my cheek
A tear now falls upon my face
One of love and remembered grace
Warmth now surrounds me in memories

There's that gentle touch again
One I remember so dear and rare
Oh my gentle love I miss you so dear
Now the memories come flooding back
Shared with even more tears
I feel myself wrapped in someone’s arms
Again there’s that old familiar smell

When I turn to see who's there
I am but alone in thought
I hear the words I am here in your heart
I’m not there in person
But our spirits shall never part
I have never left and I’m with you now
Again that loving warmth surrounds me

I sit down now with tears a plenty
Not of sadness but of memories
All the good times we did share
The spirit of those I've loved and lost
So tenderly held within my heart
So full of love for them it will never part
I turn to see a rose so perfect and blue

A rare rose but delicate and true
A gift to me but from whom
There is no note attached only the whisper
Whispered in my ear... For you with love
I am here with you now and always
Please take the rose and keep it close
That familiar voice now fades

I know whom it was I had heard
But did not sink till I truly knew
I've felt them here with me always
That tender warmth of their love
And now the rose a gift for me I’ll treasure
Forever always to raise that smile
Within my heart they shall never leave

Jennifer Don © 2009

Oh Morning Dawn

The dawn breaks shedding new light upon the panoramic view
Spreading the warm glowing sun outwards through nights shadow
Seeping warmth and glimmering hope through the early mornings dew
Lifting the spirits of many in the morning sundance through the window

Clearing the murky shadows from our hearts of sorrow and pain
Turning them to the love and support that surrounds us in nature
Even when inside we feel the change encompass us no longer a strain
Feeling that release and sudden rush of conpelment to take a new venture

That new dawn of hope has come when we in need
To raise our spirits from sadness to uplifement within
To allow us to grow in comfort to be able to sow the seed
The seed of hope and dreams we aspire to and all within

Our morning sunrise the birds sing with more upliftment
A growing sensation that now stability of emotions has come
When we allow what we need and release resentment
We shall grow with support when we all see needs to be done

For this new dawn brings inspirtation and reason now to rise
For we awaken from the haze to see what we have since missed
To see ourselfs in new light and then shed our once beloved guise
To be who we were always ment to be even when some have hissed

From the dark of the night to this new dawn so bright
We have since stepped into the change of live and clear that haze
We are now venturing a new ground full of loveing light
With support it surely wont cause us to be in a daze

Oh morning dawn I have thee to thank for such vision and insight
A reason to get up and carry on to overcome what holds us back
A purpose of life that has now grown within and come to light
Oh morning dawn my hopes and dreams have risen to the morning lark

Jennifer Don (c)

June 09, 2009

A Spot of Tranquility

Looking over the landscape to the ocean before me
Glancing out to all the islands in the sea
Admiring the total harmonious beauty of the earth
Thinking that this is my home and resting berth


Watching that busy little fishing port by the sea
Never really noticing before how busy it can actually be
To see the comings and goings of the ferries and more
Realising that the same goings will happen in our universe forever more


Stepping back form the edge to see nature at its best
Watching from above perched within the core of eagles nest
Not a nest itself but a vantage point not many do see
So from me to you It's an amazing spot to sit and watch the see


Away from all traffic and mans handcrafted jungle of concrete
Away to the reclusiveness and peace to the hillside retreat
Among the ruins of once a hotel flowers now bloom with delight
Gather your resources and stop for some rest bite


Taking my path now back down I'll sit with the tree's
To send out my thoughts of peace in the gentle breeze
To welcome the energy of the earth and elements
To think upon my desires and clear all resentments


Within my jungle of thought and peace
It's paradise for me away from all the noise does cease
With nature all around the birds sing with beautiful melody
This a spot not known to many surely is tranquility

Jennifer Don (c)

All images are from aspects of Oban that not many people get to see and each have beautiful aspects to them.

June 07, 2009

Mystical Dreamer

Mystical dreamer will help you to see
All of the tendrils in this reality
Through every heartbeat between the world and me
Please show me some pathway to my destiny

Mystical dreamer dancing in the night
With beautiful visions shared with you and me
In the spotlight of the moonlight
Shared in time for you and me

Mystical dreamer come share with humanity
The passion of love and excitement
Through all mysteries surrounding eternity
Help us to live without holding on to resentment

Mystical Dreamer i call out to thee
Envelope all whom believe and don't
No one is excluded from that shining light of thee
Share with all your love even when some won't

Mystical dreamer grant the power to forgive
Within each mans heart the power to love
Within the souls of humanity wisdom you give
Within the eyes of the child shows the power of love

Mystical dreamer may i send to you
All that I no longer need so that I grow in strength
To regain my control between me and you
With courage in heart I can carry on a great length

Jennifer Don (c)

June 03, 2009

Never Alone

Never Alone

When one night did a soul seem so lost
Through all thought in mind within that vessel host
When the tears they did stream down that face
A flow of tears like a river running steady pace

Alas the mind and soul felt so empty
Realisations then did give them hopeful remedy
A hidden path before them did they not see
But it was there beneath them and only for thee

A searching path of wisdom intent
Learning and finding all that's inept
Time will tell when one sees that road
A road travelled alone is heavens forebode

For not one soul wanders alone in thought
There is always guidance, support and lessons taught
When that soul then took that journey
Thought did not cross but time will grant discovery

Jennifer Don (c)