April 07, 2009

Stand with me

Another one that was written over the course of a day. What started with only 4 lines and abandoned for most of the day, come night time had grown to whats before you now.

Stand with me

I wanna be , right where you are
Stand with me , don't go to far
Please take my hand and lead the way
Show me what I'm missing this day

Fill the empty spaces with your love
Stand with me amongst the growing foxgloves
Lets take in the view away from all we are free
Please I ask you stay a while with me

No matter what I do
It's happening to me and you
Stand with me and lend me some courage
Help me see beyond all this roughage

Lift me up and keep me there
The only I place I want to be is there
In that spot of gentle harmony
Where my inner soul sings a soothing symphony

Stand with me as I regain my way
Lend me your hand for support I pray
Aid me with some wisdom when I seek
Not to much maybe just a peek

Jennifer Don (c)

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