October 18, 2009

Self Clarity

I've heard the words muttered so often now
Questions asked by many looking where to go
"Whats my purpose whats my role?"
"Can you please tell me I just want to know?"

Wanting to know but not searchin the answers
Wanting the clarity without doing the work
Asking others instead of themselves
Asking always looking for that bit luck

"Why am I here and why now?"
"Why all the pain such hurt?"
"Why do things have to be how they are?"
"Will things ever clear from this little rut?"

All aspects of living life it's lessons
Just look within your answers be
Lift the shell within and you will see
Maybe not now but soon it will be clear you'll see

"How do I see what is not there?"
"How can I Trust what I cannot see?"
Open your eyes within your mind look deep
Clear your doubt and let you flow to be free

Trust not that of that which is material
Trust in thyself for thou heart really does beat
Hold your own within your mind and vessel
Follow the growing intuation it's your beat

"But why, what is there really to see?"
"How can I be sure this feeling is really me?"
"Are things really clear when I search?"
"How come its still hazy Is this how its meant to be?"

Give some time your patience is needed
Allow it to come don't rush it, let it be as it will
Give to yourself your whole spirit within
Allow your mind to open, to clear to follow as you will

In time it will become clear to you
Have a little patience and believe in your self
It will not be clear to begin with but it is there
Allow things to come when time is right trust thyself

Jennifer Don (c)

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