October 07, 2009

Wolf of Night

In the silence of the ageing night
Shadows cast from the growing moonlight
With its rays now shining down upon the tree's
Where shadows dance like flames in the breeze

Within the moonlit shadows a wolf does hide
Hunting for food reveals the darker side
The hunger running through the wolf's pulsating veins
A need to eat before it rains

Oh the silent hungry wolf of night
Darting from shadow to shadow avoiding the light
Going to ground when the wind does blow
So as not to alert any nearby foe

So as not to reveal that hiding place
For if revealed the wolf will have to up a pace
The rain is near the wolf must move on
To track the scent of food before its gone

Through the bracken the wolf spots it's pray
Creeping closer over the branches in it's way
A growling lunge and it is done
Wolf can feast on the prize it's won

Once fed and full the wolf resounds it's song
A cry that rings through the chilling sky before dawn
The wolf now resides contented ready to rest
For now the wolf can sleep and rise its best

Jennifer Don (c)

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