August 04, 2009

Guardian of thy door

The guardian of thy door thy safe keeper
Lay in rest and watched as i doth go nearer
Silent did thou keeper stay
Watching as I walked my way

Never moving ever restful in that watchful place
Knowing thy guardian of thy door's gentle face
The loving connection that doth surround
The joy in life one of many in man's playground

The guardian of thy door thy safe keeper
Watches over me all through day as night draws nearer
My humble shadow follows where ever I go
Even to the riverside watching the river flow

The guardian of thy door my safe keeper
Trusted friend and playful silent seer
Lives in comfort and knows thy place in land
Forever next to me and my patting hand

Jennifer Don(c)

Poem is actually written about my beautiful dog who was laid against the door tonight as she does most nights knowing where everyone is within the house before laying her head down to rest in comfort lol

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