November 28, 2010

Winter's Here

Stepping out, on that frosty winters morning,
To a blanket of white across the ground,
To hear the birds in the tree's singing away,
Listening as those songs echo all around

Like a dragon, I breathe out smoke,
As the warm air hits the cold,
Crunching forwards, stepping through the snow,
Winter really has taken it's hold,

Winter's here now before Autumn's gone,
Yet still shards of golden sun make it through,
Shedding light on all it does reach,
A warming touch on a cold day, to whatever you do

The leaves ,they still fall in places,
Still blowing in the wind until scattered,
As the tree's take the winter hit,
Looking worn and very battered.

Something however this morning is different,
There's a glow across the land,
A defiant touch fills the heart,
Like the warmth of a tender hand,

The snow, cold as it may be,
Seems to give off a warmth today,
Knowing only inside,
That festive tidings are on it's way.

Jennifer Don © 2010


At the crossroads, the lights, they do flicker
Like a sign, that somehow, I can’t see
Many roads, many directions
Many faces stand before me

Or do they?
Is it trickery or the mind tonight?
That shadows dance to create faces
All from the ever flickering light

There is hope, I hear that now
Only faith guides the road
How can this be, why is it me?
Is this now, some sort of code?

To know the end is only the beginning
Leaves little guidance, as to where to start
At the crossroads, looking outwards
Is this where, my shadow, and I do part?

Upon which direction, do I go?
Which flickering light can lead my way?
There’s no going back now
As I shed my shadow today

Jennifer Don © 2010

November 25, 2010

Four Directions

Four sat round the fires in the night,
Each one a representation of the Light,
Each a direction and element,
Each with a purpose and attachment..

Together they encircle those flames,
Together chasing anyway all the pain
Sharing laughter long into the night
Whilst sitting by the warmth of fire's light

One the representative of the Wind,
A voice that's carried beyond the mind,
Gentle and fair, courageous and strong,
Listen for words upon winds song

One the representative of the Earth, all that's one,
The voice that cares to have things done,
That yearns always to heal from the past,
Hoping that things really will last

One the representative of water,
The emotion is pure, not a doubter,
The voice of all that's soothing,
Always going always doing.

The last is but the representative of Fire,
The one that knows the inner desire,
Where flames will burn away the old,
And make room for new things to hold

And so they combine to share the flow
Easing each other as they do go
Sharing and assisting by the fire in the night
Under the dazzling distant star light

Jennifer Don © 2010

November 23, 2010

Lambs To Lions

The crude course of a shallow man
Leaves but tainted blood wherever he can
And as the lambs now rise to lions
There is no way he can deny us

Those battles born, to aeons gone
Remain and so we battle on
To be the sacrificial giants
Banding together, the growing alliance

Who would have thought, there would be resistance
Who would have known we could go the distance
Defiant hands rising together
Sharing hope with one another

Marching forward stride by stride
Marching for life, not for pride
Those little lambs have grown so tall
Lions now, they answer the call

Jennifer Don © 2010


A new born perspective
A Worlds heart in hand
All allies comes together
United we do stand

Wherever our duties do take us
Whatever lands we do cross
We’ll always stand in unison
Under the burdens of our cross

To put our lives before others
Standing with fear on the front line
Defending our homes and loved ones
For a very long time

Men and women of the forces
Unite around the world today
Each fighting with the same thoughts
Hero’s in our heart’s any day

Jennifer Don © 2010

November 22, 2010


Kindred hearts, they call to me
Like the drums, that set me free
Kindred souls, what can they be?
A source I know, that I can’t see

Under the surface, behind the door
They go searching, wanting more
Kindred hearts of the night arise
Staying united, even through sunrise

Kindred spirits, always free
Even if it’s you or me
But kindred souls, what can they be?
If a soul is but you and me

Together, connected through all time
Never moving along the same line
And so kindred souls, what can you be?
If we are one and this is true

And so the drums, they call to me once more
Each freeing beat, rising from the floor
As kindred hearts, it calls to me
But kindred souls, what can they be?

Jennifer Don © 2010

November 21, 2010


When the torches are lit in the night
Shadows wave and dance in the light
Magic is dispersed weaving effortlessly in the air
Filling you with hope, and removing despair

When the torches that are lit, shine for you
Things anew, you will come to see, it’s true
A truer path, for you awaits, if you can see
One that will someday, set you free

When the torches dance by the flowing stream
Whether it’s in life or in your dream
A reoccurring essence springs information
And light over flows like contamination

When the torches catch your wandering eye
You can see into the flames, and so you sigh
Feeling the comfort that it brings
You can feel your spirit lift as it sings

Jennifer Don © 2010

Poet's Flame

From the continuous vortex
Churning in the cave
Springs forth flowing letters
Dancing like a rave

Steadily finding a home
Among others in the same situation
Placing themselves
In some order of organisation

Coming together to fill your heart
With amazing desire
As you watch them dance
Like flames of the fire

And so
Those flames of the fire
Really do
Become the flames to inspire

Constructing together the letters
To form words in the night
Such fire then shines
Such a warm guiding light

Jennifer Don © 2010

Find Yourself

When you find yourself
In the morning light
When you find yourself
Looking to the stars at night

When you find yourself
Awake not dormant
When you walk through the tunnel
You’ll see the light

Just not in the moment
But when the time is right
When you walk
Through the trees

Do you feel,
The gentle breeze?
When you find yourself
You know it’s alright

When you find yourself
In the morning light
When you find yourself
Everything will be alright

Jennifer Don © 2010

Never Fades

Never Fades

Even when there is darkness
The light shall remain
For what was once,
Shall be again

Look to the stars
So bright upon high
Let’s cast our hearts
To those lights in the sky

Restart the fires
That dwindles within
Let it grow and dance
Don’t allow it to dim

Reach out
With your loving hands
Reach for another
May they understand

The power within
Can never fade away
Untouched by any hand
In any given way

So when your fire
Starts to flicker in the night
Cast your thoughts to a positive flare
And it will restart your burning light.

Jennifer Don © 2010

The Feather

So gentle is the feather
Floating so free
Swaying back and forth
For all to see

Caught upon the song
That fills the open air
Gliding along with a tune
That’s tender and fair

By the drizzling rain
That falls as mist
Upon the window frame

By shadows upon the land
Falling gently
To land in your hand

Where from there
It holds your heart
Where a triumphant beat
Really does start

In doing so
Inspiration begins to flow
A wonderful gift
The feather did bestow

Jennifer Don © 2010

Be Still

Be still the mind
And listen with the heart
Hear the beats
Those rhythms, that won’t part

The comfort of the silence
Long through the night
Just listen to that silence
And feel your warming light

The warmth that encircles you
The tears that may envelop you
The support that now surrounds you
For love is all around you

Be still the mind
The worry be gone
Find peace in the night
That comes from your heart song

Be still as you listen
Take the time to find what is true
For it’s there, this very night
Just waiting for you

Jennifer Don © 2010

Dream Catcher

Oh dream catcher
Standing proudly on the wall
Catch me a dream
Where there is no fall

Within your web
The bad ones can go
Allow me to remember
What there was on show

Let me see the messages
That is contained within the dream
The signs that arise
If only I knew what they mean

The path chosen
The journey walked
Those that were within
And the words that we talked

Oh Dream catcher
Catch me a dream tonight
Take me on a journey
And cast me some insight

Jennifer Don © 2010

Silent Mind Version 2

Silence of the mind be oblivion
To the peace folds of thought
Though gentle do the words trickle
Through open mind without thought

To clear vision
And clarify the way word thinking
Sit and listen for the mission
Without a task of reminiscing

She calls to you
The goddess in deep blue
To take flight upon the dove
That’s sent to you with amazing love

As the silent whispers echo, can you hear?
They speak to you, there’s no reason to fear
Let yourself go and just be you
Your silence will lead you to what is true

Jennifer Don © 2010

The basics of the Original Silent Mind(V1) remain, but there has been alterations and so now remains to say, there is two versions, which start out nearly identical.

Poetic Dawn

How poetic is the dawn
That sings such a pleasant song
As it pulls its words from the river
A perfect flow it does deliver

Each one as clear as the last
The flow is steady, sometimes fast
T’s with each word a poet can write
To create some magic in morning light

So how poetic is the dawn
How alive is the morning’s song
It’s with those words that we see
How poetic the dawn can be

Jennifer Don © 2010

Turn To

There’s always on person we turn to
When things go wrong
When faces are wet like morning dew
They always seem to help us feel strong

It doesn’t matter how old you are
If they can, they will be there for you
It doesn’t matter if they have to travel far
Bound in love between them and you

A force so strong linked in loving chains
Between a parent and their child
Encouragement and support remains
Whether it be strong or tender and mild

There are few words that can explain the connection
Only a few that could ever shed the true light
They give space and needed time for reflection
From morning, noon and all through night,

Jennifer Don © 2010

Falling Star

Gazing up to that shinning butterfly
Shimmering amongst the stars way up high
Casting wishes as falling stars blaze in sight
A wonderful way to see out a summer night

Catching shimmers of hope within the core of a fine being
Taking in everything truly worth seeing
Feeling the magic whisking its way through the trees
Out in the open, a gentle breeze,

Sensing all the love given on this very night
Divine nature, stunning all minds with streams of light
Filling with such mesmerising warmth out in the cold
Whilst looking to a universe so new and yet so old

Oh how a falling star can create a fire
How it gives cause to truly inspire
Not one but many fall this very night
Such a dazzling display of amazing light

Jennifer Don © 2010

United Change

Paint the rainbow and call to the star nation,
And they will answer, it’s now the rainbow nation
All colours and creeds united under one banner
Give space and time in any manner

Let the river flow, cleaning the soul today
Unite under the stars in any given way
Raise the banner that fills your heart with passion
Stand with your siblings filled with compassion

To see the land for what it is
An amazing place, not to dismiss
To feel its long suffered pain
And pray it’s not been in vain

Unite the banners of the world today
Be the change and lead the way
Paint the stars on your heart
And know our true home won’t part

Jennifer Don © 2010

Dreams I've Been Dreaming

The dreams I’ve been dreaming,
Are the paths that I’m weaving,
Following the stars that fill my eyes,
Following my heart as I aim so high

Dreaming of a life time going the distance,
Battling on through any such resistance,
For the dreams I’ve been dreaming,
Are the ones I intend on leading,

Are the ones where hope shall shine,
Where love is all around from the divine,
Where no chains shall hold me down
And if there’s a wall I’ll go around,

For the dreams I’m dreaming
Are the hopes I’m believing
And the whispers that I hear from there
Are so angelic and ever so fair,

That I know that it’s not all in vain,
That my dreams won’t be stopped by the rain,
So the dreams I’ve been dreaming,
Are the paths that I’ve weaving,

Jennifer Don © 2010

Seed Of Hope

To see a seed placed upon a child’s hand,
To watch them plant it in the land,
To see the smile upon they’re face
Is like an angels tender grace,

So delicate is the being,
Full of life and eager seeing,
Watching as silver drops begin to fall from the sky
You can see the amazement upon they’re eye

To know that magic within them is all around,
For them to see it in ever sight and every sound,
You can see those questions turning
For them the magic is always revolving,

So let’s rejoice in every way
And plant those seeds of hope today
Rekindle the magic that resides inside
Let it flow, don’ let it hide,

Jennifer Don © 2010

Until The End

When I hear those words I can’t repeat,
When I hear the distant drumming beat,
By the fire, it’s warmth this night,
Under the starts that glimmer bright,

Inspired by your voice I hear,
Upon the wind the sound is carried clear,
Fear not the night for it holds so much,
Fear not the wind for its warming touch,

Feel the rhythm in your heart,
Know the beat, will never part,
The fire before you, burns within,
To hold with hope, is no sin,

Carry the torch and take the path in the night,
Through the trees into the pit, with your torch light,
Hidden deep, a place awaits your presence,
Trust your heart, and all you sense,

Jennifer Don © 2010

Gaia (Mother Earth)

She’s a shadow upon the mind,
She has faded from memory
She is the tear drops from the moon
The silver waters still at night,

The stunning sunset in the sky
The rainbow that glitters way up high
The dancing grass under the moonlight
The waving tree’s alive and strong,

She is the power within us all
All of the magic that surrounds us all,
All of the beauty that we see,
All of the treasures that we hold,

She is the wonder in the mind
All of the songs that we do sing
She is a small part of it all
She is the ground you walk upon

Not as old as time
Never stepping out of line
Everything that can ever be
Anything that you can see

Jennifer Don © 2010

Heart Song

Define your calling of who you are,
Loud and uprising, sing it far,
Defiant and triumphant is your song,
Sing it with love and sing it strong,

Soul rising, spirit lifting,
Can you feel is surging?
Weaving up from within your core,
Search for it and want it more,

The song that sings only to you,
So sing your song because it’s true,
With truth in the eyes for those that see,
Sing the song that set’s your heart free,

Open the doors and let it flow,
Sing it wherever you go,
Unique, will be your song,
And its fire inside will remain strong,

Jennifer Don © 2010

November 19, 2010

Wrangled Tree

Wandering eyes now transfixed,
Upon such a wrangled mess,
Of such a twisted tormented tree,
Entwined in itself, so motionless,

With it's bark near stripped bare,
Eroded and eaten, by weather and deer,
Leaves no longer fall from this tree,
For none have grown this year,

It seems, that as time goes on,
Nature has all but forgotten such a tree,
Scarce for the Raven perched upon the branch,
Of such a twisted tormented tree,

And when the night draws on in,
And the moon comes out to cast it's light,
The Raven can no longer be found on the branch,
For the tree has become eerily white,

If only time can be reversed,
To restore the magic and life of this tree,
Where upon it's branches, homes can be made,
Is this then, the end for such a wrangled tree ?

Jennifer Don © 2010

November 11, 2010

Not So Red

I see a rose that's ever so red,
But then it's not red, within my head,
It's every colour under the sun,
Every award that can ever be won,

Every life that's been called home too soon,
Every star that shines by the moon,
Every road that has ever been walked,
And every word that has ever been talked,

Every guide that has ever led,
Dare ask me now, why the rose isn't red.
Although red it may be within your sight.
There's many more shades under the shining light.

Jennifer Don

November 08, 2010

Lips Of An Angel

With lips of an Angel,
A kiss of a king,
A delicate beauty,
That silence can't bring

The fires are burning,
To light up the sky,
Is it a wonder,
There's a tear in my eye

As sweet as a rose,
That stands in full bloom,
Under the starlight,
Of a growing moon

The fires are dancing,
From the magic you cast,
The questions are turning,
How long will it last

With the lips of an angel,
A kiss of a king,
The finest example,
That life did bring.

Jennifer Don 2010