June 30, 2010

Amber Eyes

As I watch those Amber eye's that gaze in my direction.
I see great wisdom, confirmation of connection.
Like small fire's burning in the night.
Those eye's are tender yet shine so bright.

Drawing you within the wonders that may be.
Burning desires overflowing waiting to be free.
Yearning for the call, that may ring clear this night.
The answer to questions may then be found in hidden sight.

Those amber eye's alive and comforting.
Like beacons upon the path ever watching.
Knowing, always knowing what has to be done.
Always eager always warm like the sun.

A calling flicker within my heart I now know.
In which direction I should go.
Still those amber eye's ever staying.
Always watchful silently watching

Never a moment of fear before me as I hold my own
Those amber eye's guiding me to that peaceful zone
Showing the directions in which I'll see what is true
Aiding understanding of which shines from those eyes like morning dew

Jennifer Don 2010

The Rose And The Wolf

As the wolf rose up from the ground to which it lay..
So too did the flourishing rose bloom in it's rightful way...
For each stands in strength of what they are..
One the pathfinder the other won't go far..

As the wolf strides on with passion burning inside..
The rose travels deep within the hearts it dares reside
Not travelling by distance but by love..
Carried along to each soul upon a dove..

Where shadows are chased from there hidden places
Where the wolf shows understanding between the races
The rose it shines brighter under the moonlit skies of night
For your guidance, your undying torch light

From in the distance the wolf sings her song
To kindle your connections and keep you strong
As the rose winds it's way through your veins
Protecting you keeping you safe in your domain

For your guardian wanders not far from your tender heart
Your pathfinder the wolf, when your ready makes a start
With the protection of the rose pulsing through you
The light of love unconditional shines from above down to you

Where together the wolf and rose remain
Connected by you in your mind again
Rekindled in your memory of those long forgotten days
Renewing the connections to find your forgotten ways

Your path is now found and so you can shine
Like the amber eye's that dance to your pulsing rhyme
Of wolf you are grateful for the guidance and passion
To the rose thankful for those memories and compassion

And so when the journey ends in the night
The wolf shall sleep as you shine so bright
The rose will not diminish the love and protection
For you are found and have reconnected the connection

Jennifer Don 2010

Time Is Now

For a moment I am free,
No earthly ties that bind me.
No chains to hold me down.
A smile on my face no frown.

Of that moment some things I see.
From the eye's of the eagle above the sea,
Feeling the wind that soars beneath me.
Gliding along in this moment that I'm free.

The freedom to move here and there,
Over sea, over land wherever I dare..
To treasure the sight before my eyes of the land ahead.
Looking forwards to the path I dare tread.

Soaring with laughter shared with friends
Treasuring the freedom knowing it wont end
Free to run and fly for miles under the sun
For life and living has only just begun.

Jennifer Don 2010

Like A Flower

Watch how the flower grows.
Bending and waving as the wind blows
Rising from the ground to reach the light
To cast out it's petals and shine so bright

Sharp and clear we see those colours of the rainbow
Within the fields, upon the hills wherever they choose to grow
Such might and strength from something so delicate.
A reminder of hope, something we can replicate.

Fear not the shadows that fall in the night
Reach on out for the light that's warm and so bright.
Unfold your arms and welcome love to come in
Stretch like the petals and show your true colours from within

Open your heart, and open your soul.
Reach for new heights, your targets your goal.
Be like a flower standing, being strong.
An echo within sings our joyful song.

We are as we are and so we are.
No shadows or rain will stop us going far.
We have what we have and reach for more.
And so we stand to open that new door.

We are the flowers of humanity and hope.
We dig our root's deep, tied like rope.
Our outstretched petals reaching for the sun.
Knowing that some day we will have won.

We are the flowers upon the green grass so free.
We are humanity of which we can see.
As we all unite to reach for the sun.
We are many but we are one

Jennifer Don © 2010

June 02, 2010

Reach Out

The Sun is shining.
There is life on the land.
As the sun is rising.
You've gotta take it by the hand.

You've got to reach out,
To hold on tight.
To stand tall.
With strength and all your might

As life unfolds before your eye's.
Entrancing complications all around.
Enticing those thought's from the folds.
You can see your free, no chains to hold you down.

You've gotta reach out.
To hold on tight.
To stand tall.
With strength and all your might.

For the shadow's you that face..
Are gone when the light shines.
Forgotten and pushed to the back..
Let your self be free to grow and shine

You've gotta reach out
To hold on tight.
To stand tall.
With strength and all your might.

So lift your head high.
Let's watch the world come alive today.
One step forwards is better than one back..
Come on now your on your way.

So come reach out.
And hold on tight.
To stand tall.
Let's shine your light.

Let's reach out
And hold on tight
Come on everyone
Let's shine our light

Jennifer Don © 2010