October 22, 2009

Lost Within

I'm lost within my mind feeling confused
Often left wondering why do I get refused
Have I done something wrong would you tell me
Is it because I am not how you want me to be

I am lost within myself its true
I often struggle to find my way through
From the morning when I wake
To the night when the skies may break

Uncertainty draws in searching nearer to me,
Why can't it leave to let me be
In the cold of night I seek shelter from pain
Within the arms of one close I can't feel the rain

Why cant I have the comfort that I seek
To be cared for so things don't seem so bleak
Why can't I be shown some promise in Life
Can someone please take away that strife

Why can't I have some of the good things like you
I have my dreams shouldnt I be granted them to
Instead my world seems to come crashing down
I wish things would sooner turn around.

Jennifer Don (c)

Another one where I was picking up from someone else.

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