August 10, 2009

Through the Days

Through the shadow into light
The sun has chased away the night,
Morning comes but with warm delight
Setting your soul inside alight

Full of passion and desire
Growing more from that inner fire
The burning strength within the soul
Coming to help achive the goal

Through all walks of life and learning
We all share a common yearning
To trust in ourselves and offer out love
To share the peace within, much like the dove

No matter how far we may tread
We ask for faith and never for dread
No room for fear but it wont go
Not even after the river flow

As we march on through the days
We look to things in different ways
Looking for answers and seeking our truth
We often fail to see our inner truth

But still we shine as day turns to night
We recharge ourselves within the moonlight
Ready to carry on the very next day
Ready to follow our path on our way

Jennifer Don (c)

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