March 10, 2009

I Pray Tonight.

I havent fully decided on the title for this poem, This poem has been coming in small parts over the last 2 days along with some other things but thats for another day :). Anyways for now this poem is called I Pray Tonight.

I Pray Tonight

I pray tonight to help me through
The lonely road I've stumbled on
I see the days turn into nights
And in my heart I'll carry on

I'll stand and fight for all its worth
I wont give in I'll persevere along that road I travel on
With my head held high whilst in my soul
The pain resides deep within

Oh I pray tonight for just a simple song
To help me walk on through the rain
Oh anything for a simple tune
To help the pain slip away

In any case I wont back down
I'll stand my ground and carry on
All through the day and into night
My head stays high from positive grounds

Oh I pray tonight for my support
So I may see whats in my way
Along that road I've stumbled on
I've found the way to walk on through

Jennifer Don (c)

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