December 09, 2009


Oh echo's in the wind how I long to hear your voice
Clear as day I wish it was so, I long hear those words
Echoing through time for all to gain for some it's but noise
For others it is but needed wisdom in those floating words

Oh for echo's in the elongated cave
I want to sit and listen, to let things just be
While I sit in this semi darkened cave
I gaze in all directions seeing what there is to see

When echo's of your words now fade
Another sound beckons the call to be heard
This one is gentle and sounds like a marching parade
A gentle rhythmic drumming so clear can it be heard

While this sound brings in that peace
To which I can relax and take in the coming night
Other thoughts draw a close and soon the cease
Gentle memories come with those echos under moonlight

That familiar voice so longed for but never forgotten memories
A happy thought to hold close within the heart
An echo of the past that's so close and wrapped within more memories
Forever treasured echo's that I wont ever let part

Jennifer Don (c)

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