December 23, 2008


Is there ever a time where you feel taken for granted
And left do to things and no one else bothers
Ever think like your the one who always gets things started
And then to try and slip away as to leave it to others

But no-one seems to catch on to what your hoping
In return you get landed with the task all over again
Just one day you hope that their the ones jumping
Jumping to the task and eager that cheer remain

Christmas is here so wheres my cheer
Why am i the one left out in the cold
What can I do to stop these tears
To let them go and again be bold

Where is the fun as it once was
The festive greetings and blisful wishes
Where is my ticket to see the wondeful Wizard of Oz
Blissful wishes, thoughtful hugs and kisses

Jennifer Don (c)

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