December 09, 2008

Don't Look Back

Well what can I say , this next poem was writtin in conection to letting things in the past go for they are in the past , and in the past they must remain. We can't hold on to every little thing from the past now can we. This poem is also about learning to let go of what fear that may envelop us at anypoint.

Don't look back

The fear within
Dares to take hold
Holding me back
From being bold

What would i do
Without you there
My heart may fill
Full of dispair

The pain i'm in
I feel i'm giving in
The burden of life
So full of strife

What would i do
Without you there
I'll bury my head deep within the sand
And dare not listen to that joyful band

Tormented by demons
Hauntings of past
I yearn to let go
Of my sorrow and woe

Yet each day they take hold
One by one I threaten to release
Yet fear itself
Does not give in

Then one day i wake
My heart no longer aches
My burdens released
The fear deceased

Basking in light
I am full of life
No more sorrow
No more strife

To over come
What has been donw
A wonder itself
At what I have done

To see the light
Not fear the dark
I'm full of life
And I don't look back

Jennifer Don (c)

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