December 09, 2008

My Words to Thee

This poem came about one day when accusations were being made , lies stated , hurtful words being used to attack others with for no real apparanet reason other than Truth. I wasnt happy in seeing what I had seen how adults were talking to other adults the language that was used there Is beyond me or should I say I wont stoop so low as to use what words that was being used. So I stepped back and started writing :)

My Words to Thee

I see the truth when i am there
I see the lies behind my back
I know not what caused this muck
I know that I do not get stuck
I know that in my heart and head
I am as honest as can ever be
I am not a person of Hatred and Lies

I tell of Honesty and open my eyes
I can share what I have to say
Deep within I want to play
Let me sing and be Joyous too
But more so I ask you
Watch the words you choose to use
Read them over and think them through

Too many times have some been attacked
Too many times have some been hurt
Even now , Even here this goes on
Even till the end of time
This shall go on and on
Let's open our hearts and have some fun
Change the tone of what has been done

Time itself is a healer of all wounds
I understand some need to talk them through
I understand the pain some are in
I share my thoughts to all in need
And send them love and Angel guidance to there need
Some may not want this though
It is there choice and I must accept

But the thought is there if they change there mind
My heart is open to all
I don't hold what I need not
I have learned to share the love i've got
And here and now I say to you
My wounds are deep from times of past
Through grief and hardship and people too

I know what it is like to go through so much
But that is my troubles my wounds my own
I chose not to share but then again my choice
I don't begrudge those that wish to share their pain
It's there healing and leave it be
This is my truth so may it be
Taken in Honesty as intended to

Jennifer Don (c)

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