December 09, 2008

In search

Again this poem is linked to the last one in which i have posted entitled My Words to Thee

In Search

Oh through whispered word
Running through the world
Like chinese whispers changing as it goes
From this to that and soon we forget
What thosee first words were
And what the truth behind them were
From saying one thing to the next
It's easy to see how things are misunderstood
Changing words along the way
Getting further and further from where you want to be
I say to all let's stand back just for a minutie
And view this all from a new distance
Change your view and see what happens
Is it clear or still hazy
There are questions being asked
Answers being sought
Words being altered
Accusations being made
Reputations being shreadded
All at what cause
Searching for the truth

Jennifer Don (c)

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