December 09, 2008

Who Are you to decide for us ?

Ok this poem may seem a little harsh in a way but the insperation came to me after seeing how a friend and fellow collegue were being treated on day and well with everything else that was running through my head at that time probably didn't help me any but like someone I know says it's good to just get those words out. It takes them off your mind and allows them to be free.

Who are you to decide for us ?

Who are you to deny me my rights?
My freedom of speach
The act of rights
Who are you to tell me ?
To do this, not that
To eat this , not that
To drink this not that

Whatever happened to Democracy ?
Whatever happened to free will and choice ?
To live our lives as our own
Not live anothers
Under one govern yes !
But ! Let us choose what's best for us
What we can do within reason

What we an eat or drink
To do as we please within limitation
Tis our life we live not yours
And time is of precious comodity
So to stand in our way and dictate to us
Is to take from us something we wont get back
So I ask again

Who are you to deny us our rights?
Who are you to tell us what we can and cannot do?
Who are you to tell us what we can eat or drink ?
Who are you to stand in our way?
For I can make my own choices !
Live my own life!
Walk my own path !

Still abiding by Limitations and law
Yet still free minded and free spirirted
To Stand and be counted

As one famous quote states
" They may take our lives, but they'll Never take our FREEDOM " quoted from Braveheart

Jennifer Don (c)

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