December 09, 2008

Your Oasis

Ok lol well I havent a clue what I was thinking when I wrote this one but it was written after a busy day at work , so maybe I wrote it with the intentions to relax well it worked then altho it probably isnt written very well and might end up being worked on at a later date... so will say its a work in progress lol :)

Your Oasis

Listen to the waterfall
Crashing down on the pool below
Hear it crash against the rocks upon the wall
The splashes it makes bellow
What's it like ?
Well for me it's
Soothing, relaxes your mind and body
Soaking up the energy flow

Can you see the rainbow through the haze ?
Bright and vivid
Warm and enthralling
Can you hear the birds in the trees ?
Singing away for you as you relax
This oasis is here for you
Your spot your resting place

Sitting on a rock by the pools edge
Do you hear the wind ?
Rustling through the trees
The voices it carry's
Is there a message there for you ?
The leaves rustle behind you
Was it the wind ?

Take a look, venture into the trees
Who is waiting for you,
Is is spirit, or is it the animals ?
Maybe it's just you all alone taking in the peaceful
Energy filled environment that was offered to you
By Mother Nature herself

What's here is yours
All yours and no-one elses
This is your place to seek solace
To relax and renew your energy
Feel the love she gives to you
Enjoy your quite place

Jennifer Don (c)

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