December 09, 2008

Love and Light

Needless to say not much explination needed on this poem. I will let you work out what it could relate to

Love and light

Living in a world of shame
Full of hatred and pass the blame
When will people see
How hurtfull these things can be

To tell of lies and believe there true
Oh just what can you do
When degrading souls say your to blame
Do you take the arrow and suffer the pain

Do you fall and back down to there games
Or to stand and watch them act like wains
To send them love and light
And pray the angels guide them right

In your heart you do you best
To ask for guidance and lay to rest
To put aside all hatred and shame
To live and be free of there games

Instead of choosing to live in the past
Allow it to go and leave your soul so fast
Move on up to the world so present
And to look to the future in the moons cresent

Share the love and light that shines so bright
And relax while watching the stars in the moonlight
Looking aheaf to all good on earth
To dock your worries at the next bearth

Jennifer Don (c)

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