December 18, 2008


Well the poem might say it all but, as Christmas is coming it makes you think of those who wont be there in body to celebrate it with there family. This Christmas so far is already being a hard one for me especially the last few days and even now as I write it hasn't taken my mind off things


I'm tearing to pieces inside
All this hurt I want to hide
I don't know whether I am coming or going
But the tears they keep on flowing

All this starting and stopping
My mind keeps on hopping
From here to there
In reality I'm going nowhere

I'm no good to anyone while I feel like this
Shedding tears for the ones I miss
Within I am screaming
I wish I was only dreaming

I know that I am not
I have never forgot
I am not sorry I feel this way
I just wish this hurt would fade away

I know over time it will
But for now I feel it still
I don't regret
It's emotional debt

I have bottled it in for so long
It's time to release and not through song
It's time to gather myself together
And keep the memories forever

Jennifer Don (c)

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