December 09, 2008

What Mediumystics Means To Me

Some of you may not agree with what I have written in this poem but my words are my opinions and my thoughts and feelings as to what I recive and give in this Wonderful site called Mediumystics. This Said site is what I personaly feel helped me to open up and realise a few things about me that back then even I wasnt aware of. This site is where I have met many wonderful friendly people who share the same sort of intrests.

What Mediumystics Means to Me

Mediumystics is a place I hold in my heart
It gives me strength when I in need
It gives me love when I feel low
A friendly ear to listen to me
The friends i've made through this place

Mean more to me than you could know
It's a place .. yes online
A gathering of like minded souls
Where we come to talk and learn
From one another we all grow

Sharing help and advice
Where and when we can
Mediumystics is more than just a site online
This place is a home from home
A haven from all else

When in here my worries may fade
The flowing feel of good cheer
To Lift the heart when in sorrow
Spreading love and words of comfort
We all work together in helping where we can

Hard work and effort when eager to learn
Multi-Nation's come as one
To sit and chat and pass on what is learnt
Teaching skill's we all have
To those that are willing to learn

Passing words of wisdom through the years
And pray that some may listen to them
It's a place of healing
It's a place of teaching
It's a place that allows free will

No preasure to give a reading
Membership and classes are all free
The only cost
Is love shared
And respect to another

These are my words
My thoughts
My feelings
We are all encouraged
To share our opinions

And as I grow
Upon my path
Mediumystics will always be
In my heart
As will those I hold so dear

Jennifer Don (c)

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