December 09, 2008

Realising you

Ok this was one of the very first poems I had started to write, now as you will see lol I aint into using fancy words altho sometimes they fit the bill for what they are used but why use such fancy lingo when simple basics do just as good.

Realising You.

Allow those tears of sorrow or joy to flow.
Let your emotions go.
Cleansing the mind, the body and the soul.
You will go to places only you will know.

Take stock of your actions.
Your thoughts of the past.
Clear them from your mind.
Do not hold on to what was or what could have been.

Allow your mind to be free.
Free as the dove who brings peace and love.
Free as the lion with strength and courage.
Transform your mind into a swan like grace.

Do not haste, why do you rush.
Take your time and go into the hush.
Seek the solace - the silence.
For in this solace you will find Inner Knowingness.

This Knowingness is deep within.
Harness this and let the wisdom begin.
Patience my friend .
Tis not the end.

Falter here and you shall not win.
If you stumble at the first hurdle.
Dare not give in and do not mumble.
For persistance shall pay his dues.

Patience and trust is a must.
For without it we are nothing.
Yet with it we are everything.
Don't forget courage and strength.

Peace and love.
Take that leap of faith.
And be the real you, be who you want to be.
Now how others percieve you to be.

Jennifer Don (C)

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