December 09, 2008

Where to Turn

This poem coincides with the last one I have posted Love and Light. Together I personaly feel they are linked but that wasnt how it was inteded at the time lol its just how and when they were written which is in the order i am posting here

Where to Turn

Through the darkness we all tread
Not forever just in dread
When we are confused by feelings low
When in our heads we don't know
Where to turn and where to look
Thinking of throwing away the book
Blaming all who stand in our way
Never really knowing what to say
Then one morning we awake
To the dawn of a new day break

And within us then something stirs
A new lease of life inclusive of spurs
A new hope shattering our fears into light
And all of a sudden things seem so bright
No longer alone in the darkness to tread
A new day dawns no need for dread
Now we know which direction to take
Time to apologise for all heartache
To know when to say i was wrong
To admit my faults and then move on

And in return learning I am strong
For moving on and admitting i was wrong
Now to the light i turn my head
To guide me along as i tread
And pray it last to keep me right
And in return i seek no fight
We live our life how we intend
Not to blame another for what we can't reprehend
Taking on board all desires and passion
Move on with life in a worthwhile fashion

Jennifer Don (c)

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