January 04, 2009

Keep Shining

Well it's 2009 now, a new year a new start , lets raise our spirits and keep them high. Bring to you the positives in life and release all negative thoughts. A new year , a new start. What has gone before leave it there and bring some happiness back to you.

Keep Shining

When you feel nothings going well
Keep standing strong and do not dwell
For within your light keeps on shining
When you keep on believing

Nothing can pull you down
Unless you allow the frown
Your Courage within
Will never let your light dim

When you have something to believe in
It gives you hope and you keep breathing
There is no limit to what you can do
When you dream and wish it to

Even when some try to bring you down
When they try to change your opinions around
Don't let them put your light out
Keep on shining and don't have doubts

Jennifer Don (c)

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