December 14, 2008

My Treasure Forever

This poem is well as you will see is about the bond I have with both my dogs who are brother and sister.. I say My dogs when in fact one is mine the other is my brothers but I love them both as much. I could have put alot more into this poem but I decided no , save the rest for maybe another poem one day or just for me. Will give me something to do.

My Treasure Forever

The Treasure in my eyes
It's no big suprise
A ray of light
On the darkest of nights

Oh no there's two
Oh my what do i do ?
Double trouble no double the fun
Sticking together like bubble gum

Never always together
Snarling at each other
Yet never always apart
Entwinde by love in my heart

Purposefully bounding away
Only to be called back and told to stay
Together we are inseperable
Of madness they are capapble

Dividing my time
Between them and Rhyme
When I am at my Low
You wont let me show

The stars in my eyes
You're trying to catch flies
Oh stop that disgusting habbit
I can see you dreaming of rabbit

Together forever we will be
In body then in spirit I will see
But for now your by my side
Waiting for the next low tide

Jennifer Don (c)

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