December 09, 2008

Relax and be at Ease

Again this was another one I had written after a stressful day at work , but I had made notes for this one while on breaks so wasnt all bad it took my mind off the stress for .. wow 15 mins at least hahaha , well every minute the mind relaxes the more awake it can become and more open to things that surround us.

Relax and be at ease.

The gentle summer breaze
Rustling through the trees
That cool refreshing feel
To put you at ease

Sitting by the stream
You allow your mind to wonder
Drifting away to a world of your own
There you're at rest and your heart contented

You are no longer at that shaded spot right by the stream
Your away in your special place your dream
Thats anywhere your mind takes you
Somewhere where you are happy

From the colliseum in Rome
To a place far from home
A childhood memory
A hopefull fantasy

Anywhere you please
With anyone you choose
Relax and be at ease
For here you have nothing to loose

Jennifer Don (C)

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