December 09, 2008

My Dispair

This next poem , fills me with tears even now as i read it through before typing it here. I wrote this one funnily enough on the morning of my grampa's passing , sadly he passed on the afternoon of july the 19th 2008 whilst in hospital after a long term illness. For some reason I must have known that day that he was on the verge of leaving us. So in that respect this poem My Dispair is in memory of my grampa Mervyn Bush.. God bless you grampa and may you rest in peace xxx
R.I.P- Mervyn Bush-
03-01-1934 --- 19-07-2008

My Dispair

As you walk away and leave us here
My tears released
My head held high
For all to see the pain i'm in
After loosing one of my own kin
I wish for time to be reversed
And to be with you again
Like the good old days
I know deep down this wish wont come true
For time moves on
And so should I
And in my heart you'll never die
Even though now we part
It's safe to say deep down in my heart
It wont be long till we meet again
Between the realm
You take the helm
Standing tall , fit as a fiddle
You bring a tear and a smile upon my face
Each and every time I think of you and your grace
So rest in peace
Untill we meet again
Although your gone
Your never forgotten
And in our hearts you've never left
I know we didn't spend much time together
But our bond is true
And down in my heart
I'll miss you

Jennifer Don (c)

Below is the Memorial video I made for the family

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