December 09, 2008

Missing You

This one I had written on the aniversisary of My grans passing which is also the same week as my late Grandad's , that was also the same week that my grampa had been gone from us four months so as you can probably imaging emotions were abit squewiff lol , but then we are humans after all aren't we but I didnt let my emotions get the better of me so instead i turned to writing again .. words on paper are better than words in thought it allows you to clearly express your feelings.

Missing You

Not a day goes by
Where you don't join my thoughts
Not a night goes by
Where i don't talk to you
Your in my heart and always will
There to stay for all time
No need for tears I hear you say
The tears I shed
Are tears of joy
The memories of the good times
That we shared forever to be told
This day and that we have come to pass
Your by my side so I dont ask
And this day we share our thoughts with you
To rest and rejoice in the good you have done.

Jennifer Don (c)

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