December 09, 2008

Wolf Rising

Ok this poem came about when I was told by my guides what name they had given me. Using that name and one other I use elsewhere together with word play that someone I was chatting to one day. Those names if you dont already know are Wolf Rising and WhiteWave ... well those two and Jend of course lol. This poem may also give you a connection in a way to one animal that I look to for guidance having two as animal guides and all lol .

Wolf Rising

The wolf that rose from the wave so white
With eyes that glisten in the light
With ears that stand alert and sharp
No howl is ever worse than a bark
Like and eerie cry
Ringing through the nights sky
Reuniting pack and kin
Bringing together the love within

That wolf that rose from the wave so white
No longer alone to stand the night
Now together among the pack
They howl as one in the dark
From the young to the old
Together as one their ever so bold
The family ties are bound so strong
That nothing can stop them sharing their song

That wolf that rose from the wave so white
Her coat shines in the moonlight
And is now the alpha of the pack
Teaching pups the laws of the track
Guiding what is right from wrong
Teaching from morning until dawn
When at last the pups shall sleep
She can hunt and have her meat

Jennifer Don (c)

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