March 04, 2010

Storm of Life

Eruptions of abrupt emotions to shudder out control,
When feeling at a loss not knowing where to roll.
Trembles quiver through the veins of life inside,
Never truly understanding whether to stay or hide

Unable to shift the dimensions of which time remains,
To shift the focus and feel normal again,
To make new what the world dares to give,
For there is always reasons to go on and live

For the sun that warms the hearts of many to the core
Or the water that runs fluent and free right to the shore
Or the birds that sing in the trees so ample and free
So why can't I rejoice in life and set myself free

When these veins inside spring forth in action
Bringing convulsions of tears and emotion
How do I calm this volcano that erupts within
To calm the storm without ever giving in

Do I steady myself upon this rock by the foot of the Ocean,
To dip my foot into the waves and avoid the commotion,
Shall I listen to the birds that sing there song,
Can I stand strong and weather the continued Storm

Jennifer Don (c)2010

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