March 08, 2010

Self Pride

I have searched and searched,
Alas no off switch so now I perch,
Unfolded from the pages that turn,
As I sit and listen to that drum,

Where upon a moment a whispered word,
To reveal the wings of such a proud bird
Unfold now in all it's glory and pride,
An elegant hawk show's no earthly divide,

Where upon it's knowledge the sound it free,
Where in it's sight it's path to see
A gentle soul a heart of gold
Tender wise and always bold.

Such elegance now before my sight
Oh how she shines in that light
Not fearful of my being ever near
So proud she stands with no fear.

Alas my mind starts to chase
My thoughts upon the page and place
That delves to the heart where spirit be
Where nature, live and all are free

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

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