March 07, 2010

Silent Mind Version 1

Silence of the mind be oblivion
To the peace fold of thought,
Though gentle does words trickle open minds
clear vision aids for clarity in that way word thinking

So sit and listen to the wind that blows
Listen for she calls to you the goddess above
Whom shines to you in blessed wonder
So take flight upon the dove in the night

For there in the wind silent whispers come to you
Filled with words of love no reason for you to fear
Let yourself relax and allow your mind to grow
In time your thoughts will soon clear

Where clarity is not dazed and sight be near
As Silence bring wonder and amazement
To that silent shallow beating heart of night
So to will it aid that impulse to relax your sight

So free the mind and allow the world to flow
Nature's sound of peace to calm that inner beast
So put to rest those worries that you hold
Your strength it grows now it's time to be bold

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

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