March 15, 2010

Pure Heart

I know a heart so gentle and pure
A friend for life of that I'm sure
A modest soul beyond many years
Able enough to ease your fears

Encouraging you forwards forever more
Who will speak they're mind as done before
who loves to laugh and loves to play
who's words live long all through the day

Who put's others first and sees to self last,
Who knows when to let things go past,
Who's shoulders are broad and bright,
Who's love is clear each and every night

Through each day that pure heart is there,
Who's caring heart is full of flare
Who's love for you is endless that is clear,
Who holds you tight when you show fear

I know this heart not fully that is true
In honest faith it guides me so I'm never blue
A rose to treasure with no obvious thorn
To know within that love lives on from where it's born

Jennifer Don (C) 2010

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