March 07, 2010

Treasure The Pleasure

To respect, to give, to grant
To wish and dream to think
The wonders of the world and actions set
Is one of action upon the mind of hope

To see beyond the view so clear
To know the truth is nothing to fear
To see the shadows fade to gray
TO feel the love that keeps anger at bay

Is the wish of life one will make in time
To feel the glow and see light shine
To have control and all that's done
To make they're way and be one

To cherish the moment and hold them close
To fill with pride for those we love
To shed that tear for the pain that's felt
In return to release it all when we are done

Precious moments in the way of working life
To have some doubt and turn it around
The questions then asked for answers be found
In life I live through moments it's sound

Jennifer Don (c)

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