March 31, 2010

Grace Of Meadow

Sat upon the mossy rock in the meadow,
Was a butterfly of golden yellow,
So still it chose to stay,
In the warmth of this a sunny day,

To gaze your eye's upon it's grace,
In nature it's essence is in place,
Transformation of your mind to clarity,
Where things now become so steady

To then notice the purple flower down on my right,
Surrounded by daisy's in a ring of white,
A gentle place for where it stands tall,
In it's spot even with strong wind it shall not fall

Now over to the right there is another circle round
Within this spot an Angel is now found
Not of form but of that gentle light
It's essence such a tender pure sight

Such calm clarity fills this meadow spreading free
To hear the words, Go with the wind and what you see
Free yourself from all chains We are here
We will guide you, you have nothing to fear

Jennifer Don © 2010

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