March 04, 2010

Feel And Still Believe

To feel and still believe the passing days are all but same,
To know and to follow is what life has to gain,
Follow your heart your soul will call,
Follow your truth and you shall not fall

To feel and still believe the world keeps turnings
The rotations of life's cycles to keep us moving
With mother earth and her restorative balance
The energy granted is no passing chance

To feel and still believe is the wonder so bright
How Father sky can hold so much essence and light
How through the air his wisdom comes to those who seek
Who's voice is heard to the soul he speaks

To feel and still believe dares protest the power within
To know that life is more so trust the beating heart within
While the rain is sent to cleanse the surface this day
Support is never far and I will never fade away

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

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