March 07, 2010

Rising Up

In a world where nothing is certain to be,
I know within I can be me,
When life passes in a daze,
I know things are never in set ways

When the birds do sing that glorious song
I know then that life around is ever stong
When the sun rises in the east each day
I know then that I can travel my way

Through the storms of winters night
I know that life is worth the fight
So in truth to carry on is worth it all
In myself I wont allow myself to fall

In return I know what shall be done
Through it all It can be won
To dream a dream and keep it strong
To love our life and it's song

To keep the desire ever burning
The flame in life always turning
Through the bad into the good I go
Always rising up following the flow

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

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