March 10, 2010

Unravel The Pages.

Delve into the depths as the pages unravel.
To fill you with magical mystery as you travel,
As the meaning of life unfolds,
To each they're own story is told.

No secrets will ever be revealed
That book is strong and tightly sealed
Transported to a place where magic is found
Where the music of nature is all around

With fields filled with Unicorns and dragons abode
Where questions and answers are upon every road
Where faeries dance and the elves sing
Where magic and love is tender like a golden wing

Where magic connects to the unknown and fantasy
Where love is truth and all things a mystery
Where balance is free and all flowers bloom
Where all around is nature's sweet perfume

Where upon the pages of this unfolding book
There is meadows and a steady running brook
Where all worry is gone and peace lives on
And so this tale ends here until tomorrows dawn.

Jennifer Don (c) 2010

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