February 26, 2010

New World

Love shine's it's light deep within our hearts
Where hope can be found, Let us turn the world around
For our hope holds our paths so that we will never part
Where all thoughts can unite and escape into the surround

For we are the people of the world today
For our children of tomorrow let's make a change
Let's share our strength through the changing days
Let's show support without a need of rampage

Let's wear out pride so the world can see
Where our passion burns so bright
Let's unite to set our world ever free
Where the only darkness bound be the dark of night

For it's a new world with a new start
It's a new day, let's go all the way
Spread the love out to every part
Share with your voice, we're here to stay

For it's a new world, your the guardian now
So make a new start and let the past go
Stand with your pride, forget every row
So make a new start and follow the flow

Jennifer Don (c)2010

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